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Why I Might Play Vanguard

It is pretty simple, really.  I was nosing around the Vanguard beta site, wondering if I wanted to commit to downloading the beta when I noticed this little graphic:


Hell, if I am already paying for Station Access to fulfill my need for more EverQuest II character slots, then I might as well give it a try.  I might go pick up that pre-order box today.

Scarlet Monastery – Rounds 3 through 7

I have not been keeping up with the five-person instance run log. While members were absent at various times during the holidays, we still managed to get four-person groups together each Thursday and Saturday for some action.

There were two more organized runs at the Library during which Houndmaster Loksey dropped only his Dog Training Gloves. To offset that, Arcanist Doan was kind enough to drop his Illusionary Rod two times running so that both Ula and Skronk are now equipped with it.

There were also two four-person runs at the Armory. I missed the first one, but the rest of the group worked out the strategy (in the blood of a wipe) for killing Herod The Scarlet Champion. Basically, patience and a couple more levels on each of us was what we needed. As stated before, when Herod shouts “Blades of Light,” the melee people need to run away and the casters need to stop any casting. Herod is motionless and immune to damage during his whirlwind attack, though any damage over time effect that hit him before his shout keeps on going.

So Ula, Earl, Skronk, and Bung killed slew him on the night of the 30th of December. (I was too beat from my daughter’s birthday party that day to stay up and play.)

Then on the night of the 4th of January, Skronk (37), Earl (37), Bung (37), and Blintz (36) ran through the armory and slew Herod on the first try. I was worried when, suddenly, after Herod went down, a herd of scarlet mobs ran into the room, but they were all non-elite and Bung slew the lot of them with some warlock AOE action. Here is how they spread out upon death, in what looks a bit like a cross:

Trainees down

And here we are over Herod.

Herod pose

Both time Herod dropped the Raging Berserker’s Helm. We want to keep doing the Armory until we get Herod’s Shoulders for Earl. It is a short enough farming run that we can manage it on weeknights.

And now I am up to date and ready to report on the run we make tonight!

The Journey is Half the Fun – Commonlands

The second stage of the quest for the Legendary Journeyman’s Boots is in the Commonlands.  This has its own tricky bits since the last time I ran it with a Qeynos aligned character.

Sian D’ior, quest giver and noted Freeport fashion designer, is located on the western side of the two crumbling towers outside the gates of Freeport.  This is the first step where you should take a bit of care.  On the other side of the wall from him is a level 40 guard who is aggro to the Qeynos aligned.  Be wary.

You get 15 minutes for this run and even sprinting when you can, it is a very close call unless you have a speed boost like pathfinding.

You get the quest and start running.  Your first checkpoint is the Crossroads, which just happens to be crawling with more guards, level 30 this time, who are also aggro to non-Freeport aligned player.  I did not see any easy or reliable way to get past them all, get the update (which appears to come only in the center of the Crossroads compound), and get out without being stealthed or invisible.

Good thing I am a swashbuckler!  I have stealth!  Heck, I have group stealth, should I need to run anybody else through this!

So if you do not have stealth or invisibility, find somebody who can help or go buy a totem of the Chameleon from your friendly neighborhood woodworker. (See Vikund the woodworker in Greystone Yard!  Tell him Blintz sent you!)

Or just run fast and be lucky.

The next stop is Lucan’s Mount, which I had to visit for Ro’s Flame a while back.  Again, the guy who used to live up there and used to throw you off seems to have moved on to other pastimes.  The mobs who live around the base are all grey at level 31, so I jumped for distance across the water, made it to a rock, jumped again, fell short of the next rock, then swam to the ramp that runs up to the top where you get the quest update.

Being a fae, I was able to jump and glide well past the water on the eastern side of the mount and start towards Zarvonn’s Tower.  Non-fae can also jump off safely, so long as they hit the water.  Hitting the rocks will kill you unless you have safe fall and make your roll.

Zarvonn’s Tower was easy.  I was a bit disturbed to see the corpse of a player character named Willhelm sprawled at the doorway of the tower.  I wonder if he screamed?

From the tower you go hard left and head towards the druid ring.  I put up tracking at that point to see if I could get a sniff of Rama’nai for “Return the Light.”  I would have gladly quit the run if I had the chance to slay him and update the quest.  He was not there.

I did the traditional run through the middle of the druid ring, got the update, and carried on to the Ruins of Valmarr without any real change of course.  No Rama’nai for me.

At this point I had to jump one of the waterways.  Even with the fae racial tradition of glide I could only make it about 75% of the way across these barriers in the Commonlands before I hit the water and had to swim.  Still, that is much further than most people get.

I hit the ruins and turned west, catching the bridge and then veering north a bit to catch the next bridge.  Along the way I saw the orc messenger for some other quest I know I have done before.  I did not put up tracking because I knew I would see the named orcs for “Return the Light” and the “Bloodskull Valley High” access quest.

As I ran west I ended up stopping for three sparklies.  None of them completed a quest for me like the one I found on my previous run.  In fact, I did not even need two of them.  Oh well, I can sell them.

I hit Turmoil Cemetary at last, running through the center until I got the update then veering left about 120 degrees to head back to the finish line between the two crumbling towers.

I tried to be somewhat careful on this last leg, not wanting some level 40 guard to ruin my run so close to the finish line.  I made it safely with 4:24 left on the clock. I ran back to Sian to update the quest and get the prize you receive for this stage, which is:

A D’ior Original!

After that I ruined a nice run by dying twice in Fallen Gate trying to sneak in to get the Zombie Mastery book.  At 31 most of the mob are grey or very low green, but they are in encounters that are triple arrow up heroic.  I nearly survived the second run with a couple of undead rangers when a wandered got close enough to aggro.  I was toast at that point.  I will have to go back for that in a couple more levels.

And then, just to cap that event, I ran around looking for Rama’nai for a bit.  Failing to find him, I hit evac, forgetting that it does not put you at the Nek forest end of the zone, but right at the front gates of Freeport.  SOE was nice enough to not put an aggro guard right there, but I had to stealth and sneak out past a few level 40+ guards.

After that I took the griffon to the Nektulos Gate station and went on my way.

Next I get to do the Thundering Steppes run and everybody’s favorite missed update, the Grave Pool!