Why I Might Play Vanguard

It is pretty simple, really.  I was nosing around the Vanguard beta site, wondering if I wanted to commit to downloading the beta when I noticed this little graphic:


Hell, if I am already paying for Station Access to fulfill my need for more EverQuest II character slots, then I might as well give it a try.  I might go pick up that pre-order box today.

5 thoughts on “Why I Might Play Vanguard

  1. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Hrmm… do I break my self-imposed vow of never installing a beta product on my home machine again? (A vow made around 1990 when I installed the Mac System 7 beta on my home machine. Was that ever a bad decision!)

    Your statement does appeal to my inner cheapskate. Maybe I will go see how long the beta download takes before I blow any cash on it.


  2. darrenl

    Yeah…you really need to download the beta on this one. Honestly, unless some miracle patch comes out, this will not be ready for retail by the end of this month as planned.


  3. Saylah

    SOE’s Station Pass opportunity really is great. As they increase their porfolio to include games more to my liking, I’ll have no problem joining. It’s a no-brainer if you’re going to play two of their games and possbily try others.

    As I write this someone’s BETA is downloading for me. Hmm. Hot stuff.


  4. Adam, AKA Morgardin

    Meh… As much as I like some of SOE’s products *I started playing EQ the day the Bertoxxolous server went live*, the fact that they’re getting you for 22 bucks a month for their station pass kills me… and I just can’t believe that Vanguard is going to be all that. Plus the system requirements are so ridiculous *17-25 gigs of HD space… for a game? HELLO????*, I just can’t see it as a good use of my time. Only game(s) I’m interested in seeing are Dusktreaders (Loved Underworld/Whitewolf worlds until they murdered themselves), and Pirates of the Buring Sea. Arrrr, Avast!… Maybe W.H.O, if I get tired enough of The Burning Crusade… and if you’ve seen the requirements for new end game, people will tire of it quickly. (Look here: http://www.worldofraids.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2698 ) and yes, that *IS* a flowchart for endgame… EQ’s Planes of Power, anyone???

    Host, The Maelstrom Podcast


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