Minor Milestones


This past weekend Blintz hit adventure level 34 with 200 quests Complete.  This surprised me a bit because of the 200, only 7 were collection quests.  While I have been playing Blintz almost exclusively in EQ2, I have not been going too nuts.

I do not think any of my characters reached this level without the exp boost of a lot more collection quests.  For example on Minama, who is, at level 24, my lowest level character, 26 of her 164 completed quests are collection quests.


Since I came back to the game I have managed to sell 10 plat worth of stuff via the broker.  Like getting to 200 quests, this is no big deal for a lot of people, but I would guess that 10 plat is about twice as much as I have spent since I came back to the game, so my reserves are growing rather than diminishing.

While I have made back at least fuel costs by selling items made by Blintz as he levels up on the armorer’s path, the most profitable crafted items for me have been sandalwood harvesting tools.  These tools, which go in your charm slot, cut down the amount of time required to harvest a given type of resource node.

Sandalwood tools, which require adventure or trade skill level 50 to use, cut 2 seconds off of your harvesting time.  If you have ever been out on a harvesting mission, you know that is huge.  The tools improve your harvest time in half second increments, so teak tools, the next lower tier, reduce your time by 1.5 seconds and so on down the tiers.

I made a full set (pick, shovel, trap, saw, and fishing pole) for Nomu and another for Vikund.  Then I went to town and made more sets for sale, as sandalwood was very cheap, and put them up for sale.  They sold, so I made more, keeping in this cycle until Vikund actually hit level 61 as a woodworker on the tool making experience.

3 thoughts on “Minor Milestones

  1. Stargrace/Silverstep

    I love those sandalwood tools…


    I did. Until they came out with the tinkered versions.. which cut 2.5 seconds off of your harvest times (and you don’t need to be a tinkerer to use them).

    I actually haven’t tested them yet to see if they stack.. 4.5 seconds off of your harvest time would be wonderful.. @.@


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    You do have two charm slots, so I usually keep the pick in one slot for ore and rock nodes, then swap the gathering shovel and trap at need. Usually I have a harvesting priotity list (ore is always #1 these days) that dictates which tools I keep equipped.

    Fishing nodes are usually so widely spaced that I forget to swap out for the pole and just eat the extra time.

    Also, I think the rosewood versions of the tools also reduce your harvest time by 2.5 seconds, I just do not have that recipe yet. (I think that is in the level 68 or 69 Woodworker book.)


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