Why Am I Buying The Burning Crusade?

A couple of friends have asked me if I have BC pre-ordered or if I plan to make my usual Tuesday trip to Fry’s to pick it up next week.

I had generally assumed that I would do the latter, but now I am wondering about it.

What does The Burning Crusade have for me?

I have no level 60 characters.  My highest level character is 42, so none of the content in the Outlands will be available to me any time soon.

I really should not make any more alts.  I have a drain clog of characters in the level 35-42 range, so making more is probably not a great plan. Thus I have no motivation to roll up a Dranei shaman or a Blood Elf paladin.

There will be some new low level areas to go with the new races, but my characters are already at the point where all lanes merge into Stranglethorn Vale.

I have already pissed away enough gold chasing trade skills, so I am not going to run after jewel crafting. (I have not been hoarding gem drops for the last few months anyway.)

So, aside from giving Blizzard a sales boost of one, I am not sure why I should be in a hurry to buy the expansion next Tuesday.

Is there something I am forgetting?  Is there something for me in The Burning Crusade?  Is there something I need to have on January 16th?

5 thoughts on “Why Am I Buying The Burning Crusade?

  1. Deniticus

    If you are frothing at the mouth for BC on January 16th, the only thing you will need is patience in abundance.

    Like you, I’m waiting for a while. While Blizz is not SOE, they are still fairly notorious for patch day problems. Even minor problems x 7 million = large problems.

    I’ve got a few 60s on one server and despite my curiousity to see Outland, I’d rather not spend a lot of time in log in queues or lagging in Blasted Lands just trying to get there with everyone else. I’ll give it a few weeks and let the froth die down a bit.

    One of the unfortunate effects of starving the WoW community of any expansions for so long is that it creates hype on top of hype with people just wanting to log on to see the effect of the hype. Witness the AQ opening stuff and that was relatively minor.

    I guess I’d make a lousy “Sooner”.


  2. Saylah

    Anyone who doesn’t have a character very close to level 60 doesn’t really have a need to have the expansion yet unless you want one of the new races or the new profession.

    I agree that many people will get it just to see it because it’s the first expansion. If you went to Nethergarde after the Tues patch, you will have had a slight indication of the lag and mayhem that is going to ensue. The lag was unbelievable and our server crashed and stayed offline for an hour – and this was the low population one. I cant imagine what will happen on a server like Illidan.


  3. deg

    I have three level 60’s and just want it for the soundtrack and picture book. *shrugs*

    Actually, I got tired of killing stuff without seeing any bar moving, so I will be happy to have my level cap removed so I again have a reason to live. *grin*


  4. Deadr

    Having my latest main about to ding 54 tonight will give me a nice transition past 60, but I want to have the expansion in place already.

    I agree with deg that having the soundtrack at work is a great reason by itself. I’m forking over for the collector’s edition because I got a gift card for Christmas.


  5. stef

    I don’t have any lvl 60 yet. i got a 46 and a 41 and im getting bored so much i don’t know if ill get to 60 ever.

    Why questing? Items are crap compared to battleground stuff and instances. I was doing it because it’s new and to up my rep, but as i see the rep used only for getting mount of other races and you have to do all the quests of that race everywhere just for a fucking mount, ill pass. Too much grinding.

    All the stuff in the bc is for lvl 60+. There is nothing for players below that unless yu wanna restart a be or dr. And it seems there are no monster left in those 1-10 area because too many bloody elves and light ass drenei running around and killing stuff! hehe

    And the expansion cost almost as much as the original game. 40$ for an expansion? And that is without the 13$ each month i pay for this game. I’ll pass and maybe buy it in a few months. Not impressed by the new contents. Nothing original, more of the same.


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