Daily Archives: January 12, 2007

Vanguard Beta for Station Access Subscribers

Sony Online Entertainment just sent me a note letting me know that the Vanguard: Saga of Heroes beta 5… or a “Sneak Peek” as they call it initially… is available to Station Access subscribers who have also opted in to get the SOE Vanguard email newsletter. 

Since the beta key is in with the email, there is no place I can send you off to in order to get one.  You have to go to the SOE site and opt in for Vanguard mailings.

The note does warn that the beta is “…a large file ? you may want to patch overnight.”

They closed up by letting me know where I could pre-order the digital download version of Vanguard, which will give me access to the game three days in advance.

Feysteel Upgrade

I splurged last weekend and bought 5 pieces of feysteel to upgrade Blintz’s equipment.  Somebody had 5 pieces available for 70g each, so I blew 3.5 plat.  But I figure I am pretty committed to Blintz at this point, so it is okay to dip into my stash of hoarded platinum and spend a bit.

The first upgrades I did were his weapons.  I made the feysteel versions of his feyiron weapons so I could compare exactly what sort of boost you get from the rare.

In his off hand he wields a falchion:

feyironfalchion.png  feysteelfalchion.png

His main hand weapon is a rapier.  I like to have both a piercing and a slashing weapon equipped to keep his skills up to par.   A swashbuckler starts with 2 piercing weapons, but the first good quest weapon Blintz got was a slashing weapon at around level 7, so I had to suffer a bit to get his slashing skill up to use it.

feyironrapier.png    feysteelrapier.png

 As you can see, there is a serious boost all around for stats.  I noted at level 30, when Blintz traded in his carbonite weapons for feyiron that the damage ratings were the same, so the mastercrafted weapons let you hit a tier above your current level range. 

The weapons done, I let Blintz make his own feysteel armor.  I chose the chest and leg slots because you can imbue those pieces plus the helm because I thought that would complete the feysteel look when I upgraded.

The feysteel chest give a nice set of stat boosts plus it heals for 9 more hit points when the lambent imbue kicks in.  I cannot tell you how many times the little heals from an imbued chest piece have turned a close fight in my favor, so 9 more points is huge for me.

feyironchest.png     feysteelchest.png

The legs again offer very nice stat improvements plus they hit a little harder when the sanguine imbue procs. (Though I still chuckle at the thought of “offensive pants.”)

feyironlegs.png     feysteellegs.png

The helm puts up some better stats as well.  While there is no imbue, the extra hit points and resistance are pretty big.

feyironhelm.png     feysteelhelm.png

So there is my little feysteel upgrade comparison.  I tried to get the pictures to sit side-by-side, but shrinking them made them illegible, so I left them stacked, choosing information over formatting.

I had planned for my last picture to be Blintz all dressed up in his new feysteel gear, brandishing his new weapons, and looking like the most badass monarch butterfly you have ever seen. 

However, feysteel gear looks exactly the same as feyiron gear on Blintz.  And since feyiron gear looks exactly like carbonite gear, I look about as I did at level 20.

I suppose that this might be a bit stealthy on a PvP server, but in the world of carebears you sometimes want people to know you have better than average equipment.  Bleh.

Vanguard Beta Forums?

This is probably something for the “oh dopey me” category of posts, but how do you get access to the Vanguard Beta forums?

I retraced the steps I went through to get the beta key from FilePlanet and did not see anything about the forums.

I have been to the Vanguard forums themselves.  There was a post in the announcements about some lag time in getting people access to the beta forums and to please not contact anybody about access until they post a statement that they believe they have everybody holding a beta key set up.  Now that message is gone, but no message about “we’re done, contact us if you do not have access yet” has replaced it.

The FAQ on the Beta Status Page says contact the forum moderator, but the forum moderator posted the “do not contact me until I say” post, so before I go against that, I would like to make sure I have done what I need to do first.

What I have done so far:

  • Recieved the beta key
  • Downloaded the game
  • Created an account on the forums
  • Waited patiently

My assumption is that as long as the email address I used for registering the beta key matches the email address I used to register with the forums I should be set.  Bad assumption?

Anyway, I did not join the beta just to make wry comments about the character creation tool.  I would like to actually help, but without access to the forums, my help will be random at best. (And pretty minimal, since when you report a bug in-game, they ask you to bring it to the forums unless it is an exploit.)  It would be nice to know what needs people on it and what is locked down already.

So, any tips are welcome.