Vanguard Beta Forums?

This is probably something for the “oh dopey me” category of posts, but how do you get access to the Vanguard Beta forums?

I retraced the steps I went through to get the beta key from FilePlanet and did not see anything about the forums.

I have been to the Vanguard forums themselves.  There was a post in the announcements about some lag time in getting people access to the beta forums and to please not contact anybody about access until they post a statement that they believe they have everybody holding a beta key set up.  Now that message is gone, but no message about “we’re done, contact us if you do not have access yet” has replaced it.

The FAQ on the Beta Status Page says contact the forum moderator, but the forum moderator posted the “do not contact me until I say” post, so before I go against that, I would like to make sure I have done what I need to do first.

What I have done so far:

  • Recieved the beta key
  • Downloaded the game
  • Created an account on the forums
  • Waited patiently

My assumption is that as long as the email address I used for registering the beta key matches the email address I used to register with the forums I should be set.  Bad assumption?

Anyway, I did not join the beta just to make wry comments about the character creation tool.  I would like to actually help, but without access to the forums, my help will be random at best. (And pretty minimal, since when you report a bug in-game, they ask you to bring it to the forums unless it is an exploit.)  It would be nice to know what needs people on it and what is locked down already.

So, any tips are welcome.

3 thoughts on “Vanguard Beta Forums?

  1. darrenl

    I got in during Beta 4. From what I can recall, getting into the beta forums was part of of the email I got regarding the invite. There was a link in the email, I think, regarding the creation of a forum account.

    I’d have to check for sure though when I get home.

    ..but it looks like you did the right thing from what I can see.


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