Daily Archives: January 13, 2007

My First Vanguard Server Crash

When I consider how much time I have spent tinkering around in Vanguard over the last week, the fact that I have not faced a server crash up until now says something good about the game… I hope.

But last night I was hunting around with my “not quite hot” half elf when I noticed that all of the mobs in my area were suddenly moving backwards.

“How odd,” I thought as I boggled at some boars moving past in reverse.

“Oh no, not again!” somebody shouted.

Then about 10 seconds later I was out of the game.

Scarlet Monastery – Round 8

It looked like we might have a full group this time. We formed up Thursday night for another run at the armory, much to the groans of at least one person in the group. For me it was a work night, so I wasn’t up for the Cathedral yet. Also, we had not yet gotten the coveted drop in the armory for Earl. We entered the zone thus arrayed:

38 Mage – Ula
38 Warlock – Bungholio
37 Priest – Skronk
37 Rogue – Blintz
37 Warrior – Earlthecat

We had all gained at least 4 levels since we started on the Scarlet Monastery, and the place is beginning to wear thin a bit.

It was Earl’s turn to be slain by a Deathguard on the way to the instance. No Scarlet Monastery run is complete without some sort of run-in with a Deathguard at the beginning.

Once gathered together at the summoning stone, we headed in. All the level 60s were off getting ready for the expansion, as it appeared nobody had nicely cleared on the mobs between us and the actual instance. We fought a bit then run for the armory.

Shortly after getting into the armory Bung had to call it a night, so we were back down to four people. Still, we have done the armor successfully with four people twice now, so there was no big worry. Travelling without a soul stone in a known environment is not so bad.

We plowed through the instance pretty smoothly. No great loot dropped and the experience is beginning to flag a bit (no more getting most of a level on a short run like this) but we also made very few mistakes.

After not too long, we were once again at the door of Herod the Scarlet Champion. We have this fight down now. As I have written before, once Herod announces his whirlwind attach by shouting “Blades of Light” the melee classes just stand back (you always take one hit from his attack) and the casters stop hitting the offense spells and we all wait for Herod to finish up with his spinning inning.

The fight went very smoothly. I love the mass of Scarlet Crusade non-elites that come running out when you finish him off, like a big musical number is kicking off… and I love how a couple of AOE spells knocks them off in a round or two.

This time I got a quick shot of what I will call the Scarlet Crusade Floor Show, with the whole chorus running in for their big number:

Scarlet Floor Show

Here we are over Herod, defeated by us once again:

Herod done in again

While I do not have a picture of all us standing over Herod at once, I at least have all of us at different times standing over him.

And we got the Herod’s Shoulders drop, which you can see on Earl in the victory shot.

Now we can move on to the Cathedral at last!