Scarlet Monastery – Rounds 9 and 10

Saturday night. We were ready to face the last stage of The Scarlet Monastery. We were ready to tackle the Cathedral. We had the full team together and everybody had topped up to at least level 38 for this run. Our line up was:

39 Mage – Ula
38 Warlock – Bungholio
38 Priest – Skronk
38 Rogue – Blintz
38 Warrior – Earlthecat

As we entered the first hall, I was a bit nervous. I was worried that this might take hours, that we might not get through, that the night might be a series of wipes. While I had never been in the cathedral, I got this vibe from the rest of the team. They had had some bad experiences here in the past, or so I gathered. This got transmitted to me as we did the lesser SM instances.

Still, we were girded and ready to go, so in we went!

The initial stage is very familiar. Another corridor in the Scarlet Monastery. The place seems to have been designed by the same person who laid out the hotel in “The Shining.”

At the first bend though, the instance opens up into a large courtyard with an immense fountain. This fountain, it turns out, is the key to getting through to the Cathedral at the far end of the courtyard.

We cleared the patrolling mobs and the mobs that were astride the path between us and the fountain and then walked into the fountain and about two thirds of the way across the courtyard, avoiding the mobs holding the walkways on either side.

At the 2/3 point, the courtyard is raised up about 12 feet, so there is a waterfall in the fountain, which you cannot scale, with stairs on either side. We did proximity pull a mob at the base of the stairs as we approached, but dispatched it quickly.

We fought our way up the stairs and then jumped into the upper fountain. Around this there is a semi-circular grass strip with both stationary and patrolling mobs. The fountain is safe though, so we stood in the water and cleared out the grassy area, then moved up to the cathedral steps to clear out the two pairs of guards at the door.

Now we got to open the door. We sent Earl up to open it and then pull any close mobs back down onto the grass. There is a funny line of site issue in front of the cathedral as the steps go up to the door, but there are more steps down into the build on the other side of the door, so casters behind the tank may not be able to cast on a mob up there.

So we fought on the lawn until the first portion of the cathedral was cleared. Here we are in front of the doors as another mob gets pulled out onto the grass.

The doors open

Once into the building, we cleared out the main area then moved off to the right wing to get High Inquisitor Fairbanks. He is in a room by himself, accessible by pulling a torch on the wall in the adjoining room. The fight with him was very quick. He dropped the Inquisitor’s Shawl, which was an okay drop, but nobody wanted it, so it got disenchanted.

We then went to the left side to clear out all the mobs on that end. As I understand it, you have to clear out the whole building before the last fight as any remaining mobs will come join the battle.

On the left side we ran into a little problem. Due to a bad choice of spot on which to fight, our pull of a group of three turned into a group of five and then a group of eight. We managed to knock down a couple of the mobs, but we wiped pretty quickly. Unfortunately, Skronk died right at the foot of one of the mobs we did not kill, so when he revived with the soul stone, he ended up dead again very quickly.

We released and ran back to the instance, but got in a bit of a hurry getting to the fountain through the respawned Scarlet patrols and Skronk ended up dead again. We fled the instance, got ourselves regrouped, and headed in more carefully.

We had to clear around the fountain and the stairs, but the lawn in front of the Cathedral was still clear, so we ran for the doors.

A couple of patrols had respawned in the main area of the cathedral (I used to know what the different parts of a cathedral were called… it has been a while since I have been inside of one now), but they went down quickly. We finished up our work over on the left wing and got ourselves ready for the fight with Scarlet Commander Mograine.

Time for the big battle. Scarlet Commander Mograine was not such a big deal for our group. But once you kill him off, the doors behind the altar open up and High Inquisitor Whitemane comes out. You should pounce on her as soon as she shows up. She is the fun part of the battle. When you knock her hit points down about half way, she casts a spell that puts your whole party to sleep for 10 seconds then runs over and resurrects Mograine. And, just for kicks, she heals herself back up to 100%.

So you keep on fighting.

You have to kill her first, since she heals quite a bit. Once she is down, Mograine is the same battle you won a minute or two back. We finished them both off.

The Skronk said, “Time for the big battle.”

He was kidding, but I believed him. We were done in a little over an hour with only one wipe that was a more a result of carelessness on our part as opposed to anything overwhelming in the instance.

High Inquisitor Whitemane dropped the Triune Amulet, which Skronk won on a roll.

Scarlet Commander Mograine dropped the Aegis of the Scarlet Commander, a very nice shield that went to Earl. The shield actually requires level 39, so Earl has something he can level into and keep for a while.

Here we are on the altar after our victory.


We recalled and flew to South Shore to turn in the quest “In the Name of the Light” which we finished up by killing Whitemane and Mograine. I took the Black Menace dagger as my reward.

After we turned in the quest it was still early for us, so we decided to do it again.

The second run went more smoothly. No wipes. The only difference in the loot was with High Inquisitor Whitemane who dropped the Hand of Righteousness this time around.

Here we are all recalling out of the Cathedral after our second run.

Time to go

So we are done with the Scarlet Monastery now, unless we want to go back to farm for a specific item.

Given all the worry at the beginning, this ended up being a straightforward instance thanks to the experience the rest of the team brought to the fight.

Our next target: Razorfen Downs

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  1. Stargrace/Silverstep

    Wow sounds like you had a lot of fun! I miss my SM days :(

    On a side note (sorta).. those scarlet abotts in there ? (spelling on those) well, I’m from Canada, and my group mates used to make fun of me, and call them “Scarlet Aboots” (pronounced A-Boot, since apparently all us canucks say oot and aboot) *grins* one of my fonder memories of the place.


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