Ore is Hell

One aspect of the trade skill changes last year is coming home to roost for me.

Everybody needs ore.

I wanted to stock up on supplies for Blintz.  As he approaches level 40, I need to keep his armoring skill apace.  The main raw material for armor and weapons is the metal harvested from ore nodes.  Tin, iron, carbonite, feyiron, fulginate, indium, and adamantine are all found in the ore nodes of the various tiers. 

Back in the pre-Live Update 24 days, most of the crafting professions needed some of this metal.  But since ore produced nothing but metal, and since people would harvest it like crazy looking for rare harvests to complete their armor sets, the metals from ore were always cheap.  There was always a flood of it on the market.  People would trash it rather than bothering to sell it for 1 copper per cluster.

Then two things came about: Loam and Tinkering.

With the trade skill changes in LU24, suddenly ore produced two materials, metal and loam.  The easy net effect of this was you had to harvest twice as many nodes on average to get the metal you needed.  The more insidious effect was that now provisioners, alchemists, jewelers, and sages all needed loam to make much of their basic material.  This was in addition to needing metal for some items (except provisioners). 

Now we have half as much metal being harvested and many more people requiring the output of the available ore nodes.

And then Tinkering came along with Echoes of Faydwer.  Tinkering requires a lot of metal for each item made.  A lot more than any of the other trade skills.  Metal from ore nodes.  And Tinkering is a secondary trade skill, so anybody can pick it up, even if they have already committed to one of the older skills.

Let the ore rush begin!  Let the market prices go through the roof!

A couple of weeks ago I spent three hours harvesting in Zek with my 47 Templar.  Ore nodes were rare.  How rare?  They were so rare that if I saw an ore node and a sparklie at the same time, I would hit the ore node first.  They were so rare that I clear harvested whole areas of all other harvest nodes in the hope of spawning some ore nodes.  They were so rare that this was the highlight of my evening!  Two ore nodes right next to each other!


I predict a lot more harvesting in my future.

6 thoughts on “Ore is Hell

  1. mrrx

    “It was so rare that this was the highlight of my evening! Two ore nodes right next to each other!”

    Laughing out loud. I had the same feeling when recently trying T1 harvesting. And I know I’m going to be doing a ton of T1 harvesting with my 70 character, which is kind of nuts.


  2. Kilanna


    Yup – my 20th lvl armoursmith is having the very same problem:)

    Also the same issue with harvesting from Roots nodes.

    In my experience there are some areas of particular zones that i have found to be better places for gathering than others – eg Up near the nightbloods in EL, around Oracle Towers in Antonica, Griffin Fields in TS. But i have found some places like Zek and Rivervale absolutely USELESS for gathering.


  3. Stargrace

    “And then Tinkering came along with Echoes of Faydwer. Tinkering requires a lot of metal for each item made. A lot more than any of the other trade skills”

    – The sad part of this, is that the metal is not actually that needed, you get a portion of it returned each combine. But tinkering does take 10-20 loams every single combine =x


  4. Obiadin

    For easy t4 harvesting, get yourself access to the Cove of Decay, the instance with Octogorgon in it. (Start the access with freeing the centaurs in the Ruins of Varsoon jail). this area contains as much t4 harvesting as you want, just zone out and back in again and it repopulates.
    I harvested for all 9 crafts for t4 in there. And if you think that is bad wait till you hit t6 :)


  5. Ohgr

    My main is a 29 weaponsmith, but finding the ore nodes for me isn’t the problem… my problem is getting ore from the ore nodes. Most of the time I find loam, and plenty of it. That wasn’t all bad, as I could sell it for a nice profit. But now my RL brother is a tinkerer, so all my loam ends up going to him!

    Cest la vie, I guess…


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