EVEMon 1.1.8 Released

EVE-Mon 1.1.8 has been out for a few days now, but I always wait until I can update cleanly and log into EVE before I post about it.


  • A startup crash related to the regstry has been resolved
  • The Squadron Command skill was renamed, and this time, we mean it
  • The OK and Cancel buttons on most forms have been switched, to comply with common use
  • The autopatcher will now use your proxy settings
  • Deleting a plan from the planner window will now close the window
  • File-backed characters have been, in general, improved, and now no longer freak out whenever you try to do things.
  • Learning skill pre-reqs have been fixed in the suggestion engine
  • Fixed a whole pile of IGB oddities
  • Fixed a bug with adding ship-related skills to a plan
  • Several splitter bars have been fixed, improved, and then fixed again to look better and be less buggy
  • Fixed some problems with 96 and 120 dpi displays
  • EVEMon is now less of a pain about shutting down when told to


  • G15/LCD support has been improved
  • Plans can now be accessed quickly from the plan button drop-down
  • You will now see total training time when you select multiple skills in the skill browser
  • Hovering over a skill now shows SP/Hour
  • The IGB Browser now contains showinfo links
  • EVEMon will let you know if the current skill will finish during downtime
  • You can now maximize the EVEMon main window, if you want
  • IGB Port is now selectable
  • The Items, Ships, and Skills files are now outside the EVEMon executable, so they can be updated as needed, and not just with major releases
  • Skill groups are implemented – when you merge multiple plans, they will retain information about their original group. Try it!
  • Revelations is now fully implemented, including faction ships and mods
  • The skill browser now shows your percent complete
  • You can now filter ships and items by which you have the skills to use
  • You can now filter skills by “not planned” and “not planned but trainable”, for you skill collectors out there
  • inEve.net integration is implemented. You will need to register with inEve.net and set “require authentication” to NO
  • The new ship/item comparison tool allows you to see ships and modules side by side
  • Untrainable skills will now be greyed out in your plan queue
  • Some new columns have been added to the plan queue – no implants and SP/Hour
  • You can now filter items by slot
  • The ship browser has been vastly improved and clarified
  • The manual implant manager has been completely redone; it now pre-loads existing implants AND understand what jump clones are
  • EVEMon can be configured to warn you before your skill is finished – useful when tranquility and myeve are desynced

Known Issues:

  • G15 support may have some display issues which are well known and fixable but which, sadly, are not all resolved in this release
  • The item browser has gotten a little messy, with the addition of so many things; we’ll take another look at it soon

You can find the update here.

2 thoughts on “EVEMon 1.1.8 Released

  1. Saylah

    My jaw dropped when I realized that you are also keeping pace with EVE? OMG, how can you do it? The learning curve on that game is so high and requires detailed attention to skill planning and execution, I cant imagine jumping between that, WOW and EQ2.


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Well, if you look at the side bar, EVE has dropped from the “games I play” list to my “games I watch” list. You are right, EVE requires such a commitment to really become part of the game that I had to give up. I cancelled my account, but it runs through the end of the month, so I am keeping up with my skill training until that point, which means that I keep track of EVEmon, and so I noted the update.

    Not that there is anything at all wrong with EVE. It is a magnificent game. I am in awe of it. But I need the free time I had when I was 22 to keep up with it.

    Some day I will finish my write-up tentatively titled “What High Fantasy MMOs Can Learn From EVE.” But my problem is never finding topics, my problem is finding time to address them!


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