Vanguard – No Sale

The Fry’s ad today has Vanguard: Saga of Heroes listed.  The ad says it will be available next Tuesday, as expected, and will be priced at $48. (Well, $47.99, but I always round up to the dollar.) and SOE’s digital download option have it at $50.

So I was correct that it would be going for some discount on day one, even if that discount is only $2 off list.  But that is not enough of a discount for me to go pick it up.  I would have been in there to grab a copy if it had been priced in the $35 range.  I suspect I won’t have to wait too long for that price point, but we shall see.

Anyway, I feel better about uninstalling the beta.  And now SOE does not have to share any of my Station Access money with Sigil.  I wonder how they feel about that.