Into The Orcish Wastes

Zek, The Orcish Wastes is one of my favorite zones.  It is a great looking zone, it is full of quests, and it has a simple theme: Fight the Orcs.


It is war with the orcs as you can tell from the outpost where you arrive in zone.  There is not a lot of other action aside from this central conflict.  There some small sanctuaries throughout the zone, but for the most part the orcs rule the land.

It is also a great place to play a fae, especially if you have chosen the racial ability “glide.”  (If I haven’t mentioned this already, glide is so much fun you have to choose it.)  There are lots of elevation changes, things to climb, things to drop into, all of which a fae with glide can use to his or her advantage.

So when Blintz got to Zek, I tore into the quests.

There was one strange thing though.  I don’t know if my memory is faulty, but I do not remember the orcs looking the way they look now.  For example, this Tallon Grunt seems rather pink skinned for an orc.  Plus he appears to have stolen the suede high tops and outfit of some rap backup dancer. 

Break it down!

Anyway, jumping into Zek was good experience as well as being fun.  I rolled up a level of experience in a couple of hours!

2 thoughts on “Into The Orcish Wastes

  1. Spyte

    They changed the armour models sometime over, I think, the autumn. The reason given was that it meant they could streamline the amount of data in them, to reduce lag, in particular in the previously very unstable DFC.


  2. Stargrace

    Heh, you are not mistaken in the new look of the orcs, they were revamped some time ago, supposedly the newer models help performance issues, but perhaps it was just a designer with a suede high top issue ;)


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