Daily Archives: January 30, 2007

Vista Launch – Vanguard Launch

I picked the paper up off the driveway to scan it for Vanguard in the ads.

Vanguard was nowhere to be seen in the paper today.  It seems that Microsoft Vista is launching today.

The Fry’s ad had Vista all over it.  Some other places, like Circuit City, had pull-outs in the paper featuring Vista heavily, obviously the product of generous Microsoft co-op ad dollars.

Despite the absence of Vanguard, it did get me thinking about how it might tie in with Vista.

Do you suppose that January 30th was the launch date for Vanguard because of some contractual obligation left over from the Microsoft involvement requiring Vanguard to be a Vista launch title?

I wish I knew the answer to that.  If it is true, I would certainly feel a little more forgiving of Sigil launching Vanguard in its current state.  “It’s Microsoft’s fault!” is a salve for all wounds and injustice.