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January in Review

The Site

I keep posting along.  With this post I will have put up something every day for the last three months.  I was determined to do this as a way to force myself to write more.  I will probably have to relax that for the next couple of months, but it did work to a certain extent.

My post “Vanguard’s Fatal Character Flaw” got picked up by bloggers on both WarCry and TenTonHammer.  That did not boost hits on the site as much as you might think.  The biggest sources of incoming traffic this month, as in the past, were EQ2-Daily.com and VirginWorlds.com.

WordPress.com gave all of the bloggers who use their site a few new features this month.  I turned off the “Snap” feature, the one that shows you a pop-up preview of any link, right away.  I found it almost immediately annoying.  While I did not use the new audio/video features they provided, they did add a new metric in the statistics page that shows me what outbound links people click on when they come here.  FiringSquad is by far the site most likely to be visited from here.

New Linking Sites

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Most Common Search Terms

ATi x1950 AGP related terms were the #1 search of the month that brought people to the site.  #2 was the term “vanguard beta forum,” a strong indicator that I was not alone in my inability to get access.

Best Search Term of the Month

“running multiple instances of vanguard”

(Wow, he must have a heck of a machine!  I can barely run one copy!)

EVE Online

My account was cancelled, and the timer is running down now, with only 5 days left.  I ran a couple of missions this month, but mostly I just kept my training going.  I am past 4 million skill points now.  I read somewhere that any training in progress keeps going to fruition when you account is closed.  I plan to start training Caldari Cruisers V at the last possible moment.  That is a 29 day training cycle, so would almost be like a free month of the game for me, given how much I actually play.

EverQuest II

I have not played as much EQ2 this month as I would have liked.  Still, I am surprised how far Blintz, my fae swashbuckler has progressed.  Thanks to running quests in the level parallel zones of Thundering Steppes, Nektulos Forest, and Butcher Block, he was well into his 30s before I bothered to bring him into the next tier of zones.  Now he is set to take on Steamfont, The Enchanted Lands, and Zek.

World of Warcraft

The Burning Crusade.  I have played almost zero content that is part of the expansion.  I did make a blood elf and a dranei, but did not bother playing them past level 5.  Instead I have just been pressing on with the weekly instance runs with the group.  The experience is good and the instances are fun.  Blintz (I tend to reuse names) my rogue is now into the 40s, making him my 5th character to pass that level.   With The Burning Crusade, it looks like we can keep the instances going through to level 70.


Saga of Heroes indeed.  The luminaries on this team are heroes of the MMO world.  Now we get to see their current saga play out before a live (and paying) studio audience.

I played quite a bit in Beta 5 and wrote a bit about some of the trivial (to many people) aspects of the game, like character creation.  I blame this on years of going over resumes and interviewing job candidates.  I am willing to grant somebody a pass on something not on their resume, but if somebody claims to be proficient in something, I consider it to be fair game for grilling.  Vanguard’s “resume” includes the character creation tool as a major item.

I have currently opted not to play Vanguard, but will keep an eye on it.  It shows a lot of promise, if you can get past the performance issues.

Coming Up

There will probably be less writing from me in the near future.  This is certainly not for lack of topics.  My little “things to write about” file keeps growing, and currently has over 30 items, 10 of which are in progress.  However, my family will be moving to a new house some time soon, which means a lot of work getting our current home packed, cleaned up, and ready to sell. (We are putting in our first offer on a new house today.  And when I say “new,” I mean “older than me, but in a better school district.”)  So my couple of free hours in the evening will likely be reduced, and I will have to decide whether I want to write or play!