Daily Archives: February 2, 2007

Uldaman – Round 1

So, we went to the Badlands and started in on Uldaman.

Only I didn’t take any notes, so I’m really screwed for an instance adventure report, aren’t I?

Let’s see, I think this was the group line up:

41 Mage – Ula
41 Paladin – Vikund
40 Warrior – Earlthecat
40 Priest – Skronk
40 Warlock – Bungholio

Vikund was back because it was kind of fun to play something different and because he actually worked well with the group last time. Spare healing, spare tankage, and that damage shield aura are all nice. ( I seem to have the “replaceable classes,” rogue, hunter, paladin, all at the right level, while others, like our priest, are vital to the viability of the party, so can never swap out.)

First we ran around the Badland doing quests that lead to quests that involve Uldaman. This involved finding stuff laying around (documents, corpses), killing some troggs, and running back to Loch Modan a couple of times. We did have to kill twice as many troggs as we should have because somebody didn’t update the quest correctly, but the troggs stood no chance against us.

Then we started killing dwarves outside of Uldaman for what appeared to be Duracel batteries, sizes AA and AAA I assume from the icons.

We made our way into the tunnels where we killed dwarves, troggs, and a named dwarf while we collected urns from around the tunnels. Eventually we found a few more things, including a crypt looking thing.

Then we had to go back to Ironforge and bribe some guy with 5 silver bars each. It was freakin’ highway robbery, because somebody had told us the going rate was 3 bars, but what are you going to do?

Then we headed back to the caves, slew many more dwarves, and eventually made it to the instance. In we went.

Inside we killed more troggs, including one named Revelosh. I think somebody died around this fight, probably Ula, because you know how mages get when they get their nuke thing going on, but I am not completely sure. She might have just sat down for a drink between fights.

We updated quests with a dead paladin and some dwarves who seemed to be surrounded by troggs.

The we played “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” and stuck a pole into a socket that was next to a model of a little town. Rather than indicating a location in the model town, it opened this huge “hidden” door that we could all see a mile away. When the door opened, this huge chick came out, only she was hot. Well, I thought she was, but I am totally into women in tall boots, and her boots were, frankly, taller than me! Here is a picture of her.

This Fall’s Most Exciting Look

You can also see the model town there.

By the way, her name is Ironaya, which I think is pretty hot as well.

Of course she attacked us. But that is the way these things usually work out for me.

When we were done with her it was getting pretty late, so we headed for the back door where we killed the Obsidian Sentinel, which updated a mage quest for Ula, then headed out to turn in a bunch of quests.

Experience pretty much rained on us that night, with quests and killing and such. Everybody went up a level. High fives all around. And we said we would get more done on this next Saturday.

I promise I will take better notes next time, or at least come up with a different schtick.