Daily Archives: February 5, 2007

The Flying Druid

A friend of mine just got flight form with his druid and took to the air. 

He was instant messaging me as he got the flight form, so I am going to abuse his trust and quote him here. 

He’ll be pissed and probably start talking about release forms and residuals, but until legal action requires me to remove this post, enjoy his enthusiasm for flight form!

“just hit 68 and got flight form”

“just turned into a bird for the first time”

“works just like swimming”

“okay, this is really cool”

“i can see 5k for it”

“my flight form is 60 percent”

“which is the 800 gold version for others”

“and my thrust is such i can achieve vertical climb”

“i want a “dive” skill”

“swoop towards the ground with talons outstretched”

“towards unsuspecting groundlings”

“and i want this skill in azeroth”

“oh sh*t, now i know why they have all the floating islands in the sky”

“i can fly to em”

“can jump off sh*t and turn into bird during the plummet”

“get a toon to 70!”

“flying over zones i have been in since launch of the xpack, gotten 4 loc xps”

“easy to find places you miss”

[me] “Can you land on the tops of mountain peaks?”

“yes, you can go over em and such”

“i landed on the tallest one we could find”

“then skydived”

“if you bird into water you loose your form :P”

“and the purchased mounts look like armored griffons”

“pretty cool”