My Simulation Of Playing EVE Online

My EVE Online account has lapsed. I can no longer log into the game to run missions or train new skills. 

But, for a while, I can pretend I am still playing.

Before my account lapsed, I started training Caldari Cruiser V, a skill that takes over 29 days to complete.  This morning I launched EVE Mon, just to see if it could still read data from my account. 

It can.

So for the next 23 days or so I can still do what I have done for most of my EVE Online career, check EVE Mon every once in a while to see how my skills are progressing. 

So in early March I will have to decide if I want to re-subscribe and spend another month setting up skills for another month off.

If I play my skills right, it could be like EVE Online for half price.

Of course, I cannot actually play the game half the time, but I wasn’t really playing the game anyway.

3 thoughts on “My Simulation Of Playing EVE Online

  1. darrenl

    Yeah Wil…I just canceled my subscription as well. I couldn’t really justify paying a game I wasn’t really playing.

    I don’t know. Is logging in for 2 minutes every 4-5 days to change skills playing a game?


  2. Van Hemlock

    RL friend of mine and I started playing EVE about when it came out. After the first involved phase burned itself out for us, I adopted Darrens view, and actually cancelled, whereas he just kept it going and only logging in to set the skills going, paying all the while. We’ve both been in and out a few times since, actively playing for spans, but each time, I’ve unsubscribed at the end, and he’s mostly kept it going for skills.

    He’s at about 34 million skill points now – I think I only have about 12 million. It’s a compelling system, because in most cases, we never that sure if we won’t want to come back at some time in the future. Still, last time I quit I did set Gallente Battleships V going, so that’ll be nice to come back to next go :)


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    EVE has some tapped some gaming magic with skill training. You feel like you are progressing but you aren’t actually online tying up their server resources. You actually feel okay about not logging in a lot of the time.

    I know there is a lesson to be learned from this, I just wish I could articulate it simply as something like a “rule for compelling MMO design.”


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