Character of the Day

I have mentioned in the past how cool I think is.  I love statistics and that site gives me a lot of what I want.

But beyond information, I like that they put up a “character of the day” on the site.  I assume it is random, as I have seen characters of all levels show up, some with pictures and some without.

Of course, I would hate it if one of my characters came up for this honor and there was no picture, so I have been working on special paper doll shots for them.

My first one is done.  It is for my paladin, Vikund, and it features him standing in front of Crushbone Keep.  EverQuest Crushbone, that is, not EverQuest II. 


I know that with hundreds of thousands of characters, the likelihood of any of my characters being “character of the day” is microscopic, but I can dream.

I wonder how many people would even get it.

1 thought on “Character of the Day

  1. adele

    Back in the day I loved the leader boards and character of the day! I was like number 11 for most deaths by week 2 on my server! lol good times….


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