Grinding to 38 Armorer

I managed to grind my way to level 38 armorer last night, thus bringing my trade and adventure levels back in line. ( seems to be lagging in updating, as it still shows me as level 37 adventure and level 35 trade as of this writing.  It also says I have not played since February 6th.  Oh well.)

Of course, one of the first things I noticed on my grind was that in previously buying 5 stacks of feyiron, I grossly underestimated my needs. 

Getting through level 36 and 37, the best experience, 2% per item with vitality bonus, came from items that required 5 feyiron, 2 etched leather, and 2 tussah roots.  That adds up to 50 items to be made per level and only 50 items worth of supplies overall.

Now it wasn’t quite that bad.  The “first pristine” bonus jumped me up past the 25% point at each of those levels with only 4 items created.  I also got away with using no feyiron on the imbued item that came with each level while I had some glimmering raws handy.

Still, not very far into level 37 I ran out of feyiron.  Tussah I had stored away on other characters and etched leather has stayed low enough in price at the broker that purchasing it wasn’t a big deal.  But feyiron was at its mid-week peak, with prices around 20s a cluster.

So I dug through my characters yet again searching for any last bit of feyiron.  As it turned out, that was a good move.  My weapon smith had a bunch of feyiron in her vault.  All of it was processed feyiron, in the form of bars, blades, cross guards, hammer heads, spikes, chain links, and pommels.  All of these are pre-LU24 items, but they still work for trade skills.  They also only stack in lots of 20, so for bank space alone it is better to use them first rather than raw feyiron.

This turned out to be a bit of a bonus as well, since these parts all have “value” when making something, so the sell back price of the items I was making jumped from around 15s to 60s.  Since the market for these items (now that I have flooded it) seems to be in the 25-50s range, I could sell my production run back to the vendor without guilt.  (I always feel bad vendoring items I make.  First, I am only getting my fuel price back, and second, I hate to think that somebody out there who needs the item isn’t going to get it because I was lazy.)

This haul of feyiron, plus a donation from a guild mate of some raw feyiron (thank Laniala!), should get me pretty close, if not all the way, to level 40. 

So I went back to grinding last night, getting myself from 30% into level 37 through into level 38.  I was going to log off at that point, but then I hit armorers insight on my last combine, so I decided to grab the level 38 recipes and make a start on that.

I hit the vendor, bought the level 38 Armorer’s Essentials, then read it.  Only two recipes.  Ouch. 

I did both of the recipes, a helm and a breastplate, and was only 13% into level.  38 is going to be a long level, though on the bright side, the helm only uses three feyiron raws, so at least I can get more out of each stack of feyiron.  I do have 3 of the trade exp enhancing veteran rewards potions on Blintz, but I want to save those for the next tier.

And speaking of the next tier, I also noticed one other disturbing item.  I noticed that the vendor had Armorer’s Essentials 38 and 39, but nothing beyond that.  Where do I get levels 40-49?  I know that 50-59 are in Maj Dul and that beyond that you must travel to the Kingdom of the Sky, but where did tier 5 go?

At least I ended the night on a high note.  In addition to level 38, on my last combine I hit the special reaction that finishes your item pristine and gives you a rare.  So I got a piece of feysteel just like that!  I do not need any feysteel at the moment, so I put it up for sale.  I will no doubt need the cash for the next tier.

7 thoughts on “Grinding to 38 Armorer

  1. Loredena

    The vendor only shows the books up through your current tier. You can buy 39 now, but you won’t see the 40-50 books till you turn 40 (yes, 50 you get in town, you only have to go to Maj Dul for 51-60)


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Thanks for the tip Loredena! I suppose I knew that the 50 book was in town, since I have a level 61 Woodworker, but after LU24, I am more uncertain than usual about things.

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you Adele. I see you are spreading Valentine’s Day comment cheer about our little blog community!


  3. Kilanna

    Wow – I have 9 crafters all level 30 or better and I have NEVER had that reaction where you finish your item pristine and get a rare.

    That is way cool:)


  4. Arcos

    Rather than sell the feysteel you should acquire the Advanced books and make the recipe – this would give you another Pristine bonus as well as an item that could sell for big bucks. When you only get a few recipes each level don’t forget that making the advanced recipes doubles your progress.


  5. Zygwen

    If you can find Enigma of the Armorer volume 3 you can get some adornment recipies that are lvl 35. That can give you some extra discovery xp and you might be able to turn a slight profit if the components are being sold at a cheap enougth price.


  6. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Arcos – I thought about making something with the feysteel to get the experience. The problem was, I knew I could get 70g for the feysteel right away (and it did sell in a flash) while any feysteel armor I made might sit on the shelf for quite a while before it sold.

    All in all, you are right though, I should have made something with it. I have about 80p spread over my characters, so it wasn’t like I needed the cash quickly. Just the greedy dwarf in me I guess. I like to have cash in hand.

    Zygwen – I think I actually have that book tucked away in the bank. I will have to go check. Thanks for the tip! I could use a couple more “first pristine bonus” exp hits. I started grinding level 38 last night, but only got to 25% before I ran off to do something fun.


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