Pity My Wii Problem

My wife, awesome shopping goddess that she is, scored me a Nintendo Wii for Valentine’s Day.

I actually put the Wii on my Christmas wish list, but told my wife that it was a complete “above and beyond” request and that I did not actually expect to get one since they were is such demand.  Still, I know her, and I have no doubt that a few local stores that carry video games now know her by sight.  Alas, no Wii came for Christmas, but it was no big deal.

With the coming of the new year and our plans to move, we decided that a Wii might be a nice house-warming gift.

Habits die hard, however.  My wife kept on inquiring about Wii availability, though at a more casual pace.  When, last week, she actually ended up at a store with four in stock, she almost did not know what to do.  Like the dog who finally caught the truck, she had to decide what next.

Well, she bought it, of course.  After all that looking, she could hardly pass it up.  She brought it home, wrapped it up, and I got it as a present yesterday.

Which leads me to my real problem.  I cannot use it.  Not yet.

Our house is for sale.  We are having an open house this weekend.  Real estate people are trying to kick us out of the place so they can show it to their clients at all hours of the day and well into the evening. (8pm last night the phone rings, “I’m in the neighborhood with a client and I’d like to show them your house.”  I would have told the agent… something rude… but my wife answered the phone and steered them towards a more reasonable time the next day.

Because of this, we have to live in the house of the immaculate display.  That means no new video games hanging off of the TV.

I was also a bit worried that somebody might swipe it.  The lure of easy money in the housing boom has brought some very questionable people into the real estate business, and who knows what is going on at your place during an open house.  So the Wii is locked up in my desk at work now.

So the Wii will be our house-warming gift.  Escrow on the place we’re buying closes in another 27 days.  Four weeks to wait until I can play.

So many people want a Wii and can’t get one.  I have one and can’t use it yet.

4 thoughts on “Pity My Wii Problem

  1. Bunnyhop

    Congratulations on getting a Wii =) Hopefully you will have a chance to play it soon, it is indeed a new twist to gaming…almost a healthier one since one gets tired moving their arms around all the time.

    You might want to ask your wife to start hunting for extra controllers now if ever you want to play anything multiplayer…they’re almost as hard to find as the consoles…if not harder =)


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I’m sorry too, but I’d gladly trade a couple more weeks of not playing to be rid of some of the forms I have to go through to both buy and sell a house at the same time in California.

    Welcome to the proposed solution to our litigious society. Everybody must run at least one pen out of ink signing forms before any real estate transaction is complete!


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