Daily Archives: February 18, 2007

Working The Nek Forest Spawn Table

I decided Friday night that, for my next heritage quest, I would work on “Dragoon K’Naae of the Thexians,” the hertiage quest for the Shiny Brass Halberd.

I decided on that because I screwed up the “Little Lost Tarby” lead-in to “An Axe from the Past” (I let Tarby die to the wolves) and wasn’t in the mood to run around any more for “Hadden’s Earring.”

I had already done the owlbear meat portion of the quest and was now ready for the 60 drops from the undead around Nektropos Castle.  That meant taking the griffon up to N’Mar’s Ascent station and then running over to Gargoyle Gorge.

And when I got there, I found it was quite appropriately named.  There was nothing there but gargoyles in the form of crumbling watchers. 

I checked tracking and saw no undead.

I killed a couple of the watchers to see if they would update the quest, but they didn’t, so I headed up to the castle.

There were definitely undead around the castle.  Triple up, heroic undead, levels 29 and 30.

There was a time when a mob of that description would have been easy for a level 39 of any class.  But there has been a lot of adjustments to the dynamics of the game, so I figured I would be careful.  I found a level 29 off in a corner, pulled him back, and dug in for a fight.

And a fight it was.  I had a little more than half a bubble of health left when he went down.  It was a close fight which could have gone either way.  I got a lucky string of procs from my imbued weapons near the end that turned it my way, but it could have been much closer.

One down, 59 to go.  With battles like that, I could be going all night.  So I decided to look for more profitable quests to pursue. 

On my way back down the gorge from the castle, about where I killed the two watchers I noticed that there were now a couple of decayed flesh beings wandering.

Oh!  A shared spawn table!

I have been playing games with spawn tables for so long, yet I always seem to forget that such a thing exists.

After a little bit more killing in the area, I found out that crumbling watchers, patchwork men, and decayed flesh beings share the same spawn table, so that killing any of them is then going to respawn one of the three.  Since crumbling watchers do not satisfy the quest, nobody bothers killing them so, eventually, only they are left wandering around.

So I started killing watchers.  This meant that I had to kill more mobs than I might otherwise should have.  However, the last time I did this quest, you got a quest update about every one in four kills.  Now I was getting a quest update for every undead I killed, so effectively I had to kill less mobs for this stage of the quest than I had previously.

I managed to get my 60 undead slain without too much trouble in the end.  Still, killing 60 of anything takes a while, so once I was done, I turned that portion of the quest into Dragoon K’Naae and called it a night.  I’ll save the water run and the T’Sanne fight for another night.