1100 Days

I read over on the EQ2-Daily forums that the EverQuest II 3 year veteran rewards were now in game.

3 years, since we have had no leap year funniness since EQ2 came out, is 1095 days.  The official EQ2 launch date was November 8th, 2004 according to Wikipedia, so technically, we should have a ways to go before anybody can claim this reward.

Of course, I checked my own account, and as of last night I have 1100 days.

Again, technically, I had only 830 days as of last night, having started playing the game on November 13, 2004.  But with each EQ2 expansion you purchase, you get a bonus of 90 days towards your veterans reward.  I have all three expansions, so that tacks on another 270 days for a total of 1100.

So I got on for a minute this morning to claim my reward on Blintz.  Since you get the reward on three characters, I will have to think about which other characters should claim the reward.

The Three Year Veteran Reward gives you:

  • Three 1 hour potions of +55% adventure experience
  • Three 1 hour potions of +55% trade skill experience
  • A 40 Slots Salesman’s Case
  • The title “The Distinguished”
  • Ancestral Scroll – gives you an “of” title for an EQ server


I certainly want the trade skill experience potions for Blintz, and maybe the adventure potion as well, though adventure experience has not been much of an issue so far.  Those potions, by the way, are the same ones as the two year reward.

I use one of my other characters for selling.  I will have to find out if there is a way to get the “lore” and “no trade” 40 slot salesman’s case into another character’s room.  Since you can only have a single character on an account selling at any given time, it would seem a waste to have two of those cases sitting idle.

The salesman’s case also reduces broker fees to 10% versus 20% for player produced cases. (Thanks to Rotacidare for confirming that tidbit.)

As for the title, I will wear it with pride.

The Distinguished Blintz

6 thoughts on “1100 Days

  1. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Now, if they release the next expansion in November, which is the expectation at the moment, that will give me another 90 days of veteran time making me eligible for a 4 year reward around EQ2’s third anniversary.

    I wonder what the title will be for that?


  2. Kilanna

    Hey a big congrats on 40/40 and your new title.

    If you give Blintz top level (trustee?) access to your main sellers room, he can also place his sales crate there (just open up the marketboard and place as usual).

    Unfortunately, as I understand it you will still only be able to sell stuff from the last toon that you were logged in. I have tried EVERYTHING I can think of to have more than one toon selling at a time. I guess if you could sell from more than one toon at a time there would be no need to upgrade housing for extra vendor slots.

    This is one thing i wish SOE would change. If anyone has figured out how to do it i would love to know.


  3. Stargrace

    There is no way to have two characters on the same account selling unless they’re on separate servers. Not exactly sure why this is, not even sure if Vanguard is the same or not, I know WoW is not, you can have as many characters selling as you’d like. I’m sure it has something to do with the fact that you can have character A selling dirt for 10s each, which is very over rated, then you can have character B selling dirt for 5s each, which is still over rated, but hey, it’s not 10s, so why not buy some dirt, and through a series of these things you can attempt to control the market.. or something..


  4. Tami "Cuppycake"

    Excellent =) When the game first released I used up my “Of Server Name” title on my very first character. I was always a bit upset that I couldn’t reuse that again since I’ve long abandoned that level 5 character.

    Time for Cuppiecake of Stormhammer to make a return!


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