40-40 Fae

Three months and one day after starting this character I made level 40 in both adventure and trade skill.

I hit adventure level 40 on Sunday while finishing up the shiny brass halberd heritage quest.

Then I got on Monday night and ground my way through armorer level 39.  60% percent of a level, 6 items per 10% of advancement, 36 items created and I was done.  I had 27 feyiron clusters left when I levelled. 

I sold all 36 items back to the vendor.  My salesman’s cases are full on Vikund and I wasn’t in the mood to store them.  (If you are on Crushbone I can make you a deal on some feyiron armor!)

For those who want the overall score, I crafted 564 items from starting on trade skills through to level 40.

Now I have to get my armor skill up to level 44 to be able to make all of the items I will need for the next tier.  I can still adventure though, as  my feysteel items are at least as good as the fulginate items I will be able to make and I cannot wear or wield ebon items until adventure level 42.  And when I get there, I will be able to wear my JBoots, so that is one less item to make!

And, yes, once I hit 40 the next tier of recipe books were available at the trade skill vendor.  Thank you again Loredena for that tip.  Trust me to worry about such things.

I took two veteran rewards for Blintz, two that gave elixirs of adventure and trade skill experience bonus. (Plus a title.  Blintz is running around as “The Dedicated.”) 

I have not used any of the elixirs yet.  I plan to save to trade skill ones for the late 40s, as I recall that being a particularly wearing stretch of trade skilling.  The next durability buffs do not come until level 50, so by the end of the 40s it can be a lot of work to get pristine results.

All in all, doing the trade skill work has not been as bad as I thought it would be.  The real annoyance has been the price of raws on the market, and that problem seems to go away at 40, as a lot of the raws are selling for prices around a silver. 

Once stocked with materials, the first pristine bonus and the experience boost of vitality made things bearable.  I cannot imagine how I did trade skills the first time around, back at launch.

Next stop is 50!

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