Daily Archives: February 23, 2007

The Pre-Ordering of LOTRO

One way to solve a problem is to change your focus. 

I went to Fry’s today at lunch.  How many posts have I written with “Fry’s” as a destination? 

I actually went there to get a new electric razor, as my current rechargeable model has gotten to the point where the battery holds a charge for about 30 seconds, making my morning shave an exercise requiring more patience than I possess. 

While I was there, I naturally had to walk the Windows game aisle to see what was in stock. 

There were lots of copies of Vanguard on the shelf, though they were back to full retail prices again. 

There were also lots of copies of The Burning Crusade, including collector’s editions. 

Echoes of Faydwer was down to two copies, so they appear to have sold some since my last visit. 

And on the top shelf (which is just below eye level for most people) there was a 6 wide facing of Lord of the Rings Online pre-order boxes.

Price: $10

Ten bucks?  Sold!

So now I have the beta on a DVD.

Highlight quote on the box for me, “Millions of Players. One game to rule them all.”

No hubris in that!  Didn’t I just read something recently where “millions” was thrown around rather loosely?

Anyway, I have traded in downloading for patching.

And if patching turns into a problem, it won’t be tough to guess what the title of my next LOTRO post will be, will it?

The Downloading of the LOTRO Beta

The other thing that happened yesterday was that I got my invite to the Lord of the Rings Online beta.  So I have been allowed to join every other gaming blogger in the known universe. 

I am actually a bit surprised, because when I filled out the beta request back in October or so, I seem to recall checking the box on the application that said, “I will threaten physical violence if I think you have screwed up this beloved work of literature.”   I was pretty sure that would send my application to the trash bin.

That, or we have reached the “raving loony” portion of the beta.

Being in the beta, of course, is nothing I have to keep secret.  The email said that if I was already in the beta that I could pass the access key along to whomever I liked.  And, as you probably know, the NDA has been lifted so that people in the beta can share their experiences.

Of course, the my experience is downloading the actual beta.  At least it is only about a quarter the size of the Vanguard beta I downloaded.

Disregarding the advice of a friend already in the beta, when faced with the two options for downloading I chose the first.  This involves a little download manager application.  Last night I kicked off the application, watched it start up, begin downloading the first of seven segments, and report progress status before heading to bed.

Come the morning I found that the download manager crapped out on the 7th segment.  I tried to restart the download, launching the manager, telling it to resume, getting a few more messages, then watching it quit on me.  I tried different approaches, but it refused to resume the download.  The only option was to start over.

So I decided to try the second option, which is a BitTorrent download.  I have a bias against BitTorrent.  For example, I know it is going to ask me to open up ports on my firewall in order to work correctly.  I am loathe to do this for any application and doubly so for one that is going to allow other users to piggyback on my bandwidth for their download.

Aside from what is built into World of Warcraft, I do not have any BitTorrent compatible software on my machine, so I downloaded the recommended software, uTorrent.  I installed that, declined to open up my firewall, and set it to work just to see what sort of time frame I would get.

After jumping around for a bit, it settled down on a “1 week and 4 days” target for completion.  Well crap.  I shut that down.  It was time to head for work so I did not want to start tinkering with my firewall just yet.

I think I will try to abuse the company internet connection with the first download option to see if I can get through all seven segments. What’s the use of having a gigabit if you cannot stress it a little once in a while?