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Into Steamfont

I wrote this entry, then lost it for a week or so by foolishly filing it in a directory titled “Blog Topics.”  That is apparently the place I put things to forget about them, judging from the number of times I said “Oh, yeah” when going through it.  This post fits into the time frame of the post “Working The Nek Forest Spawn Table.”

I have to admit, despite the fact that I really like the Faydwer zones, old habits die hard and I have been spending the majority of my adventuring time in Zek.  Orc rich and full of quests, I ask again, what is not to love about the place?

Last night though I decided that I had best make the plunge and explore a new zone.  Now that I have hit 38, I was worried that I might exp myself out of the level range for the quests in the zone.   That worry, plus a deity quest to take care of, “Ro’s Infernal Device,” got me on the road to Steamfont.

The quest itself was pretty easy and came in two stages.  The first part is requires you to collect 15 magma cores and 10 magma crystals.  The magma cores are harvest nodes only visible to those who have the quest, that spawn around two of the craters in Steamfont.  As I ran around them, avoiding patrols, and harvesting, I noticed that, even at level 38, a lot of the mobs were higher level than I.  This seemed odd, since I wasn’t that far into the zone, so I actually went and looked up the zone level recommendations.

Steamfont – Levels 35-45

How cool. I had assumed that the Faydwer zones would just mimic the other mid-level zones and cover a standard tier.  Instead, I can continue to harry the orcs in Zek for a while and not worry about missing out on the Steamfont experience.  Color me happy!

Anyway, back on message.  The magma crystals are available from a vendor in the Gnomeland Security area, which is located at the top of a plateau in the middle of the zone.  Another climbable wall to scale. (I haven’t really looked at the other races, but the animations for a fae climbing are very good.)  This is also quest giver central for the zone.  A lot of the quests were yellow or orange to me, so I let them be for now.  I’ll come back in a couple levels to storm Steamfont.

Anyway, I finished up my collections and ran back to Civean Il’Pernod in Butcher Block.  He gave me the next step of the quest, which asks you to return to Steamfont and kill a crazed Kobold at the northern edge of the Mazkeen crater.

I found the crazed kobold, Grak Shattersnout, about where the quest said, atop a tall point along the edge of the crater.  While he was only level 35 and not marked heroic, he was still a named mob with all sorts of adornments to the thick horned border around his name, which usually means some sort of badass, so I thought I would take this carefully.  I summoned my servant of flame, my favorite benefit of being a follower of Ro. 

I had not used my little follower, who only lasts for 10 minutes and can only be summoned once per hour, for quite some time.  In fact, the last time I used him was for the Blood Talon fight for the dwarven workboots quest, and I didn’t remember him doing all that well.  He appears to have improved with time and levels though.  I pulled Grak with a thrown dagger, then set the pet on him.

Holy crap, the little guy just unloaded on Grak.  I had to actually use my taunt skill (aggression skill now up to 6!) to get Grak off of him.

Anyway, Grak went down without too much trouble.  On my way out of the zone I ran into a quest giver who had a blue quest for me.  I decided to run through it.  I was close to both a level and another AA point. 

The quest involved killing kobolds which, in addition to rogue clockwork devices, pretty much rule the zone.  The quest was not too hard, not with the scout tracking skill at least, since it involved specific kobolds.  It started a chain which ran me around the zone a bit, netted me some discovery exp along with quest and killing exp and showed me some of the sights.  I saw the windmills, the entrance to Klak’Anon (which, frankly, is even more dull looking than the EverQuest version), and a lot more kobolds.  The quest chain even involved some interesting rock climbing gear.

In the end, I got level 39, finished up the quest for Ro, which got me the next level of blessings (which don’t seem all that useful to a swashbuckler), and picked up a bunch of runes.  These drop from kobolds and are supposed to be part of the language quest, though they do not actually start the quest, so I’ll have to figure that out.

But Steamfont, while being somewhat small, is another nice zone on Faydwer.  I’ll be back to conquer it, and take some pictures, some day soon.

Once I’ve dealt the orcs in Zek another stinging blow.

You = EXP


There is a topic I have mostly avoided.

I personally have no use for PvP.  While there are all sorts of minor reasons around why I do not care for PvP, the essential factor is that in an MMO, PvP is inevitably a different game.  You can either play the lore and levelling and quests game, or you can kill other players.

I don’t want to play to conflicting games.  I don’t want to give up levelling and such just to go kill some people.

So screw notoriety, kill leader boards, titles, arenas, and all that crap.  When I kill you, I want experience for the kill.  I want to be able to grind Freeps, Qs, Horde, Alliance, or strange furries for levels.

EQ2-Daily podcast #37 was all about PvP in EverQuest II.  At one point during the show the idea of writs for killing the opposite faction was brought up.

I say if you’re going to go PvP all the way, there should be lots of quests for killing the other faction.  Can you imagine a quest where you must, say, kill one of each class of a given to complete it? 

Racial and class collection quests!

“Hey, a ratonga mystic!  I need one of those for a quest! Get him!” 

And can you imagine being, say, the one ogre warlock on the server?  Imagine how popular you would be!  You would be prime bait for PvP traps.

There will be the question of how much experience you should get for killing a player.  Should it be based on level, level differential, equipment, hit points, reputation, or some mix of them all?  But that could all be worked out.

The real problem would be the opportunities for exploiting the system.  There will have to be some mechanism to keep you and your buddy from trading kills to level 70.  I can just see guilds from opposing factions organizing pkill circle jerks and all sorts of other shenanigans. 

But unless stepping over your corpse is going to get me closer to my next level, I’d rather just let you live.