You = EXP


There is a topic I have mostly avoided.

I personally have no use for PvP.  While there are all sorts of minor reasons around why I do not care for PvP, the essential factor is that in an MMO, PvP is inevitably a different game.  You can either play the lore and levelling and quests game, or you can kill other players.

I don’t want to play to conflicting games.  I don’t want to give up levelling and such just to go kill some people.

So screw notoriety, kill leader boards, titles, arenas, and all that crap.  When I kill you, I want experience for the kill.  I want to be able to grind Freeps, Qs, Horde, Alliance, or strange furries for levels.

EQ2-Daily podcast #37 was all about PvP in EverQuest II.  At one point during the show the idea of writs for killing the opposite faction was brought up.

I say if you’re going to go PvP all the way, there should be lots of quests for killing the other faction.  Can you imagine a quest where you must, say, kill one of each class of a given to complete it? 

Racial and class collection quests!

“Hey, a ratonga mystic!  I need one of those for a quest! Get him!” 

And can you imagine being, say, the one ogre warlock on the server?  Imagine how popular you would be!  You would be prime bait for PvP traps.

There will be the question of how much experience you should get for killing a player.  Should it be based on level, level differential, equipment, hit points, reputation, or some mix of them all?  But that could all be worked out.

The real problem would be the opportunities for exploiting the system.  There will have to be some mechanism to keep you and your buddy from trading kills to level 70.  I can just see guilds from opposing factions organizing pkill circle jerks and all sorts of other shenanigans. 

But unless stepping over your corpse is going to get me closer to my next level, I’d rather just let you live.

6 thoughts on “You = EXP

  1. Flying Norseman

    There need to be concrete and compelling reasons to have PvP. Otherwise it turns into a gank-fest ala the first days of Ultima Online. Maybe Mythic will pull it off with Warhammer. Sony has set up EQ2 so that there COULD be compelling PvP, but I am doubtful how successful they will be since it wasn’t something planned from the start. I have all my characters on the Everfrost server so I haven’t had any experience with PvP in EQ2.


  2. Tipa

    Warhammer will give xp and quest credit for killing players of the opposite alignment. If they ask for ten orc ears, the orcs can be PCs or NPCs, the quest doesn’t care.


  3. dmosbon

    Yes Warhammer could be what you are looking for in PvP. I do fear for my WoW game playing time when this is released later in the year…


  4. Collin

    I love this idea. I think we need to have innovative ways of making the different play styles interact.

    What if you had a quest where you had to sneak into an opposing factions city and get some hits on a player? What if you had to really do a “capture the flag” quest.. where there was something that the opposing players were guarding? That would be bomb!


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