February in Review

The Site

Five full months in and I am still coming up with new and inane topics on a daily basis.

Of course, the highlight of the month was the 22nd when Kendricke slipped in and left a comment about the possible name of the next EverQuest II expansion, Rise of Kunark.  My guess was right as far as location went, though my shot at the name “Return to Kunark” was wrong.  I was going to say something about it sticking to the three letter acronym model, but then I remembered KoS is really “Kingdom of the Sky” or KotS.  I always knew there was something wrong with that expansion.

I did get a lot of great comments on the site this month.  Thank you very much for those!

New Linking Sites

Thank you all for linking me.  I watch the WordPress.com stats to see where my traffic originates, but if I missed you, let me know.

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No surprise that Kunark is on top.  That was something akin to actual news.

Best Search Term of the Month

wow character creation simulator

(what ever for?)

Deleted Comment of the Month

“Are you serious?….or are you just the biggest loser ever?”

Can’t I be both?

EVE Online

Account cancelled, but I should be past 5 million skill points trained if Caldari Cruiser V kept training.  There is too much high fantasy to stomp through right now to stay cooped up in that pod… unless I could play MMOs in there… hrmmm.

EverQuest II

I had an EverQuest II month.  With the end of the Vanguard beta I was back into EQ2, the best game that none of my friends play.  I have to do something about that.  February seemed to be about finishing heritage quests as I wrapped up “The Journey is Half The Fun,” “Return of the Light,” and “Dragoon K’Naae and the Thexians” as well as making a big dent in a few others.  Fortunately, pick up groups for these quests seem to be a reasonable proposition.  On the other hand, I never seem to run into these people again, so I have nothing like a regular group at the moment.

I am somewhat paused at the moment on adventure levels as I grind up some more trade skill levels to equip myself for the next tier.  As usual, I have more I want to do in EQ2 than I can probably manage, which is one of the things I like about the game.

Lord of the Rings Online

I was in the beta as of last week.  I also bought the pre-order box, partly to solve my download issue, but also because I will want to play the game at release.  I have not decided if it is a game for which I will need a lifetime subscription, but it could very well be a summertime diversion for our WoW group.

World of Warcraft

Real Life was rough on our regular instance group in February.  I do not think all five of us were on together all month.  We did get together in smaller groups to do some Uldaman fights, roam the Badlands, and start off in the Hinterlands.  Real life is likely to interrupt me for a few weeks in March, but we will pick back up again.


I think it must be a sign that I am an adult that the Wii is still in its shrink wrap and I am not going crazy to unwrap it.  My daughter keeps asking me about it however.

Coming Up

I said a month ago that my writing was going to be reduced somewhat because we are moving in March.  Yet, in February, I still managed to write quite a bit.  March is upon us now though.  Soon I will be out loading all of our stuff in a truck and moving 8 miles up the highway.  8 miles closer to work and in a better school district.  That means there will be a stretch of time where I will not have high speed internet access from home.  The Wii may come into play to bridge that gap.

GDC is coming up next week.  My wife got me an Expo pass for my birthday, which is also next week.  I plan to take Thursday, March 8th off of work to head up to GDC.  If you are going to be there and want to hook up and say hello, drop me a note.

I am also thinking of a contest for the 6th month anniversary of this blog, which will be coming up soon.  Details to follow.

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  1. cyanbane

    That means there will be a stretch of time where I will not have high speed internet access from home. The Wii may come into play to bridge that gap.

    SSX Blur FTW!


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