Zombie Parts at Premium Prices!

Lore and Legend quests are back in style.  It is old news by now that GU31 revamped Lore and Legend quests, creature masteries, and the mastery attacks we all knew and mostly ignored. 

Lore and Legend quests used to just give you some experience and a cool item for your house. 

Meanwhile, every so often you got to choose a mastery that gave you a special attack for that kind of creature. 

While your first choice was pretty easy (gnoll if you were in Qeynos, orc if you were in Freeport) after that most people just made a guess just to get that glowing plus sign off their screen.  And, in the end, it did not matter that much because you would need a whole hotbar just to hold all the special attacks for specific creatures, so I am guessing that most people just ignored those special attacks. 

(I need the indignant nerd voice that Shawn Elliott does on the GFW Radio podcast saying something like, “I disagree. With proper planning of your adventuring you would know exactly when you might need, say, the bixie mastery attack!”)

Anyway, that has all changed and now there is just one mastery attack and you can use it on creatures for which you have done the Lore and Legend quest.

One button.  Lore and Legend enabled.

This has the hallmark of so many good ideas in that, once you hear it you say, “Well, of course!  Why didn’t they do it that way from the start?”

And, while not all creatures that had masteries before have Lore and Legend quests currently, that is supposed to be rectified with GU32. (Did that get in?  I did not see it in the patch notes.)

So what has this got to do with the price of zombie parts?


I have grabbed all of the Lore and Legend quests I can with Blintz, but I have not really pursued them with much vigor.  Now that mastery attacks are associated with them though, I want to finish more of them.  My highest melee hit of record was from a mastery attack.  They are worth having.

One of the quest I had not finished was Zombies.  I have all the non-dropping updates, but I still needed the zombie part to examine and finish the quest.  While I was sure of the higher level creature parts would be selling for inflated prices because of the Lore and Legend changes, I figured that zombies were available at low levels, so the parts ought to be cheap at the broker.

They were not.  Not on my server at least. (Crushbone)

Some of the parts are going for upwards of 20 gold.

So this was all a long winded way to announce my plan to lay waste to low level zombies, harvest the parts, finish my mastery quest, and get rich selling the extras!

So don’t steal my idea!

6 thoughts on “Zombie Parts at Premium Prices!

  1. KIlanna

    Good Luck with your hunting.

    I completed my Zombie L&L in a little over half an hour in the camp (?Camp Leeott) just West of N’mars Ascent in Nek. Plenty of the nasty little buggers – with the added bonus of getting my 60 pieces of undead flesh for Shiny Halberd quest:).

    I am on Guk server and some of the bits for various of the L&L are going for almost 1plat eeek.

    I have done a couple of hunting sessions recently with friends to finish various other L&L.


  2. KIlanna

    Sorry not meaning to spam your blog:) but the notes to the last live update do indeed include additional L&L quests – 4 I think, including minitaur and werewolf if my memory serves me correctly.


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Ah, cool! I hope Kobolds are on the list. I still need to kill a bunch of them for quests, including their language quest, which I finally figured out how to start!

    No worry on the comments. More is better usually, unless you’re calling me names.


  4. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Yes, it was hidden, right there at the top of the GU32 notes.

    Kobolds, Bugbears, Brownies, Minotaurs, Clockworks, and Werewolves.

    I need to find that kobold mastery book. I’m right in the middle of a series of kobold smiting quests.

    Also, I just realized that the title of this post might been seen as a comment on the SOE price rise. I actually wrote this a couple days back, before that came up.


  5. mrrx

    Haha I knew this was going to happen. My character has a bunch of L&L parts that I didn’t get around to selling. Bought em after the first announcement for no more than 25 copper.


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