Daily Archives: March 2, 2007

Meanwhile, CCP Whispers In My Ear…

While SOE Station Access was merrily ablaze, I got an email from CCP:

Subject: Rejoin EVE with an offer from your Caldari brethren


With the newest EVE expansion-Revelations-thousands of players have joined, the universe has expanded, and the Caldari need your help more than ever. Rejoin EVE now with your ship, skills, weaponry, and ISK intact, plus choose between two offers to help with your first days back in the cockpit:

Buy two months and get the third month free.

Get a free 7-day pass for your old character – no payment required.

Frankly, I am not going to go back and play EVE any time soon, but a 7-Day free pass, now that is tempting.  If I took them up on that offer on Monday, I could train at least one 6-day skill that would set me up for another month long training session.  I could feel like I am advancing in another MMO for free until April!

Given how little free time I am likely to have in March, that might be the only character that is advancing much.

And, on a random SOE bashing tangent, they could learn a bit from CCPs marketing email.  When I get an email from SOE, most of the time it includes a big graphic that gets stripped out along the way and I am left with a title, some disclaimers, and nothing in between.

I hear I missed out on a free subscription to Games For Windows Magazine back in December because an email for Station Access members got mangled en route to me.

CCP however, has enough in text that when the graphics get stripped (which they did) you still know the essence of the message.  In addition, they have a link to follow so that you can see the message in all its graphical glory. 

Heck, I just got an email from Men’s Wearhouse that had the same feature.  If George Zimmer can figure it out, surely somebody at Sony can.

SOE take note please.

How Your Station Access Money Is Allocated

Naturally, with the announcement of a price increase, the hot light of public inquiry has been shone onto the subject of SOE Station Access.  Outrage and rash pronouncements have been the order of the day.  Forums are aflame.  Blogs appear to united in the message “Nuts to you, SOE!”

So I thought this was the perfect atmosphere to wander onto the SOE Station forums and ask a question with a different tack: How does Station Access money get distributed?

I have been curious about this since Station Access came into being a couple years back.  I wanted to know which games were getting my money and if the amount of time I played a specific game figured into how much of my money said game got.

And, honestly, I wanted to make sure that if I added a game to my account, then did not like it, that my not playing that game would ensure that not a nickel of my money would go to support it.  I am not in that situation, but I like to be prepared.

In just over two hours after posting my question I got an answer from Mr. Community Relations himself, Alan “Brenlo” Crosby, who said,

Without going into too much detail, yes the games you play while on Station Access and the amount of time you play them determine any financial benefit for a game.

A short answer, but sufficient for my needs, and quite prompt.  He was probably happy to see a question that didn’t ask how he slept at night or used the term “blood sucking.”

So my playing a game allows cash to flow to that game, while withholding play withholds cash, the very life’s blood of commerce, from a game that has earned my displeasure… or that I am just bored with at the moment.

So as I tally up the pros and cons of Station Access when deciding whether or not to renew, I can add “inflated sense of power” to the pros column.  I am not sure that is worth five dollars a month, but it is worth something.