How Your Station Access Money Is Allocated

Naturally, with the announcement of a price increase, the hot light of public inquiry has been shone onto the subject of SOE Station Access.  Outrage and rash pronouncements have been the order of the day.  Forums are aflame.  Blogs appear to united in the message “Nuts to you, SOE!”

So I thought this was the perfect atmosphere to wander onto the SOE Station forums and ask a question with a different tack: How does Station Access money get distributed?

I have been curious about this since Station Access came into being a couple years back.  I wanted to know which games were getting my money and if the amount of time I played a specific game figured into how much of my money said game got.

And, honestly, I wanted to make sure that if I added a game to my account, then did not like it, that my not playing that game would ensure that not a nickel of my money would go to support it.  I am not in that situation, but I like to be prepared.

In just over two hours after posting my question I got an answer from Mr. Community Relations himself, Alan “Brenlo” Crosby, who said,

Without going into too much detail, yes the games you play while on Station Access and the amount of time you play them determine any financial benefit for a game.

A short answer, but sufficient for my needs, and quite prompt.  He was probably happy to see a question that didn’t ask how he slept at night or used the term “blood sucking.”

So my playing a game allows cash to flow to that game, while withholding play withholds cash, the very life’s blood of commerce, from a game that has earned my displeasure… or that I am just bored with at the moment.

So as I tally up the pros and cons of Station Access when deciding whether or not to renew, I can add “inflated sense of power” to the pros column.  I am not sure that is worth five dollars a month, but it is worth something.

8 thoughts on “How Your Station Access Money Is Allocated

  1. Van Hemlock

    All you Everquest people! Keep paying for my Planetside not to die! :)

    I’d imagine SOE are quite keen to avoid the public embarrassment of having any of their games shut down, to wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if Planetside and Matrix Online ended up with slightly more than their strictly fair share.


  2. adele

    So good of you to ask a question on the forums without flaming! You should get a gold star! It is a very good question:) I like the answer too. I really don’t think they would just make up that answer and toss it out there, but it does make one ask, so… if I only get station access for the extra character slots and EQ2 is the only game I play… does that mean that EQ2 gets the entire 30.00 a month? And as someone else posted in their blog in that case it would make more sense to have a second account because you would pay the same price and get even more character slots:)


  3. adele

    @ Cuppycake

    “So what about when I’m a station pass subscriber who doesn’t even play any of the games? Is it divided equally?”

    Maybe if you don’t play any it is like playing the alternate rules in Monopoly. Like SOE lands on Free Parking and everyone gets free lunch? lol


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  6. wearfannypacks

    This is a hot topic, surely. It seems all us bloggers are adding our two cents and linking back to TAGN.

    Frankly, I think Sony simply understands that there is no way for gamers to get complete value for SA prices. If we play a couple of games on S.A. and really love them enough to put our entire focus on them, they also know we are going to die and rot in our rooms. It’s hard to get the real value out of these games with a blanket price. Sony gives us “Unlimited” access, but we really are limited by our own resources. It’s almost like we get to pay $25 for the game we really like, then another $5 to play a bunch of trials that we never get into that much.

    There’s gotta be a better way.


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