Daily Archives: March 4, 2007

Rescuing Tarby

Last sunday evening I decided to get back to working on “An Axe from the Past.”  My first step was to finish up the second pre-cursor quest, “Little Lost Tarby.” (The first pre-cursor is the giant language quest.)

I had blown this last time by letting Tarby die to the wolves.  I had gained two levels since I last tried, so while I did not particularly fear the wolves, keeping Tarby alive was my issue.

I started the fight by speaking to Tarby.  That spawns the first of the three waves of wolves.

This time, rather than just going after the wolves, as I did last time, I kept an eye on Tarby.  In doing so, I saw something that I had not noticed before.  Tarby doesn’t just sit there, he attacks the wolves.

Aha!  A light bulb moment!  A new tactic for the fight!

Instead of depending on my AOE attacks to keep aggro on me, I targeted Tarby so that I would attack anything he was attacking.

It seems simple, I know, but I have a long tradition of playing a healer, so things like holding aggro I am only used to doing by mistake!

And I wasn’t a moment too soon in my discovery.  Tarby’s health bar was already orange.  A call to action! No time to lose!

Fortunately, my change of tactics worked perfectly.  I did an AOE at the beginning of each wave to get everybody’s attention, then kept after whichever wolf Tarby chose to engage.  All the waves were thus defeated, Tarby was saved, and off I went to Obsid to get the real quest.

Now for the dull steps, harvesting, crafting, and then killing 100 skeletons.