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Uldaman – Round 3

Saturday Night! Time for more Archaedas fun! Uldaman here we come again! The Line up:

44 Mage – Ula
44 Paladin – Vikund
44 Warrior – Earlthecat
44 Priest – Skronk
43 Warlock – Bungholio

Again, in through the back door, through the Obsidian Sentinel, the dwarves, the bats, the scorpions, and the troggs.

We had a bit of a problem with the troggs. When pulling a group of three a bit of miss-targeting brought that group and the group of four behind it into the fight. We wiped. Here we are, all dead.

Death in the Hall

Death in the Hall

Not an auspicious start to the evening.

Still, the soul stone was about to time out, so our wipe insurance would be up to date again shortly. And we did kill a few of the troggs before the wipe, so at least we were moving forward.

We finished up the troggs and started on the spiral though the mass non-elite, immune to everything, dwarf fights. We managed to get Ula killed once before we got to Archaedas’ door.

And there we were. We opened the door and got ourselves ready for the big fight.

We decided that one of the issues we had on Thursday was Archaedas activating helpers all over the room. Somebody read that he favors the dwarves closest to him, so we moved the fight from the center of the room to the edge of the circle opposite the door. Call this the 6 o’clock point if the entrance was 12 o’clock.

We also decided to add a bit more firepower, so Bung dismissed his voidwalker and summoned his imp. This gave us a bit more damage and the advantage of blood pact, which was worth another 270 hit points to everybody in range.

So we started. We activate the altar, Earl grabbed aggro, and pulled Archaedas back to the 6 o’clock point outside the ring, Skronk and Bung focusing on the Archaedas fight while Ula and I took care of the ads. Here we are at activation time:

Summoning Archaedas

Summoning Archaedas

The ads were pretty well restricted to those nearest Archaedas, so that bit of info seemed good. Our placement was not so good in the long run. Archaedas was about equidistant from two lines of stone dwarves so began pulling from both groups, meaning I had to run back and forth quite a bit. Also, being close to Archaedas meant that his AOE stun, which goes he uses at a regular interval, kept bringing Ula and I to a halt.

Still, we carried on. We made it to the activation of the six dwarves on the circle, which Ula killed fairly quickly with some AOE action of her own.

Then came the two elite adds. They got on to Skronk and Ula. I ran around after the elite. The elites ran around after them. Skronk kept watching Earl. And in a bit of bad timing, Skronk went down. With no healing, Ula, who was trying to burn down one of the elites, went down as well.

Now I was the only healing left, so I started running around watching Earl’s health bar rather than my own. I hit Earl with some heals, but ended up down pretty quickly myself with the two elites now focusing on me. Then Earl and Bung went down and we were done.

Here we are, all dead again. If you look at my bar, you’ll see no cool down timers. I forgot to use my lay hands, my health stone, or a potion during the fight. Dopey paladin.

Dead to Archaedas

Dead to Archaedas

Archaedas and his minions reset and we were back at square one.

Skronk used the soul stone then began the ress process for the team. With only nine minutes on the timer before Bung could make another soul stone, we decided to wait for it so we could have three chances at the fight if we needed it.

While we waited, we decided on some changes to our approach.

First, rather than the 6 o’clock position, Earl would pull Archaedas to the 7:30 position of the room, relative to the main door. This would put only a single line of dwarves close to Archaedas, so presumably there would be less running around.

Second, rather than fighting at the perimeter of the room, Earl would stop inside the circle that runs inside the room about two thirds away from the center. We hoped that this would put Ula and I outside of the range of Archaedas’ AOE stun while we were slaying adds on the perimeter.

Finally, in search of even more damage, Bung dismissed his imp and brought in the succubus.

The timer ran down, the soul stone was generated, and we got ourselves together for round two.

We activated the altar and Earl grabbed aggro again and ran to his designated spot. We had actually picked out a specific green tile on the floor as a marker. Ula and I went around to the stone dwarf line up to cover the adds, and Bung, his succubus, and Skronk, all got in there with Earl to work over Archaedas.

As we hoped, the location kept Archaedas drawing from just one group of dwarves and Ula and I were outside of his AOE stun zone.

We made it through the six dwarf add easily.

Then the two elites came into play. This time I managed to grab their aggro and pull them off to one side of the room. They were beating on me pretty hard, but I remembered all my own healing options this time around. While I held them everybody was on Archaedas trying to burn him down quickly.

And then in a bit of bad luck, Ula got bit by some of the adds still flowing into the fight.

Then Earl went down and we knew we were in trouble again.

Still, Archaedas had barely a sliver of life left. I ran after him, trying to do any damage I could while Bung and Skronk continued with their own work.

And we did it. Archaedas suddenly fell over before us. His minions live minions all vanished. We had slain him!

Here we are at the moment of victory, with not much health left between us.

The Moment of Victory

The Moment of Victory

Apparently I was yelling into the mic on my headset at the last stretch of the battle. I woke my wife up who was there to see our moment of victory. Not that she cared, she just asked me to please keep it down.

Once we were all alive we took our traditional victory shot.



After that we looted our quest updates from Archaedas, then went into the treasure room, the door to which opens up when you slay him. Here it is.

The treasure room

The treasure room

Mostly gold for looks

Mostly gold for looks


I have heard tales of people getting this far then not fully updating their quests and having to go back and do it again. We wanted no such thing, so we carefully clicked on, spoke to, or otherwise examined the room until there was nothing left to be clicked on.

Then, satisfied that there was nothing more in the room, we recalled to turn in our quests in Ironforge. At last we were done with Uldaman.

Now we need to start warming up for Zul’Farrak and Maraudon.