In Town Treat

A nice thing about Kelethin being in a regular zone, sometimes the sparklies will come and find you in town.

A collection sparklie in Kelethin

A collection sparklie in Kelethin

4 thoughts on “In Town Treat

  1. Kilanna

    I also dreamt of sparklies last night which is quite disturbing in a humorous sort of way.

    I was in the Feerrott down by the entrance to the horrifying Temple of Cazic Thule. Kilanna, a Templar of some renown was fighting the dread constructs of Thule. My brave warrior accomplice (my husbands toon) together with our (real life) friends the mighty necromance and agile bruiser – we reigned victorious over the abominations:) I then returned home to my acorn among the trees of Kelethin to sell my wonderous loots and rest among the peace and harmony of the village. My loot included a maple leaf in the most glorious shade of brown collected shortly after the combat with the dread beasts. Surely this should fetch some pretty gold:)

    If there are no sparklies around – how about some Carpenter XP using rare lumber to reduce the status cost and monthly mortgage payments by half. That would certainly be helpful and make all the other bills easier to pay lol.

    Why is it that otherwise civilised adults behave like brawling kids to get to the sparklie first? lol


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