My Aching Head

There is this contested bridge in Butcher Block.  It is around the corner from Kaladim.

Sometimes the dwarves hold the bridge, sometimes the kobolds hold the bridge, and every once in a while, the bugbears gain possession.

I have never really figured out how or why the bridge changes hands, but it does.  Since everything in Butcher Block is grey now to Blintz, I have taken something of a commuter’s view of the bridge, which I pass over on my way to the docks.

“Oh, it looks like the dwarves are here today.”

“Boy, the kobolds seem to have been holding onto the bridge for days now.”

The other day the bugbears seem to have gained the upper hand after a Red Sox-like record of not quite making the grade. (I wonder who played the Curt Schilling role for the bug bears… and if that bug bear is now branching out into baseball, hiring away top talent from competitors… am I describing George Steinbrenner?)

So what?  I am just passing through on my way to some place else.

The bugbears however, no doubt trying to beef up their defense and hold onto the bridge, positioned archers in the broken towers at either end of the bridge.

The job of these archers appears to be to fire comically over size arrows at any player character passing by, regardless of level.  I am sure they are trying to bring attention to the plight of the bugbears in the effort to regain their traditional homeland or undue some other historical wrong they feel they have suffered.  At least they aren’t blocking traffic or trying to wash my windshield.

Still, I am not sure that screen shots like this are getting their message across as intended.

Go Steve Martin!

What is this, Dealey Plaza? 

There is no denying that that is one comically over sized arrow!

8 thoughts on “My Aching Head

  1. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I should post the outtakes. It took a few tries for the bugbear to hit Blintz just right. (100 points a hit, but a slow rate of fire from the bugbear… it must be hard to load huge arrows.)


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  3. Kesselia

    Rofl now that is a wonderful screen shot!! I think I have suffered the same plight at one time when I passed by that same bridge and got wolloped with arrows. Always wondered what the heck was going on…some days I would pass by with nothing..other days it was arrows up and down my body. Heheh


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