Daily Archives: March 20, 2007


On Sunday Blintz was a level 44 armorer, a level 44 swashbuckler, and had 44 Alternate Advancement points.  In a flurry of Nightblood slaying in Rivervale with Gaff later in the day he progressed to 45, but for a little while there was a symmetry of levels.

And how did I get 44 AA points?

Out of 310 quests done, 198 of them counted towards AA, which probably makes up the bulk of Blintz’s total AA experience.  At first I was a bit mystified that only 64% of the quests counted.  But if you exclude all of the quests done before level 10, when you first become eligible for AA experience, quest that I completed even after they were grey (no AA for those), and certain quests that are not eligible for AA experience such as city tasks (31 writs completed), the number seems to work out about right.

Discovery has been another good source of AA exp.  Actually, they are called “Exploration Events” in the AA vernacular.  Often, when I get close to getting another AA point, I will run off to a new zone just to get a bit of discovery experience to push me over the edge.  Anyway, 195 of those events have contributed towards my AAs.

Collection quests have been good for another chunk.  I have not gone out of my way for collection quests on Blintz. I have some other characters for whom I bought levels by picking up collection items from the broker.  Since the adventure experience seems to have been tuned somewhat between KoS, when I took a break, and EoF, when I came back, I have not pursued collections as avidly.  All 36 collections that I have completed have counted for AA experience.

Then there are those lootable items that give AA.  I have hit those 22 time so far.

And finally, there is AA for killing named mobs.  I received AA experience for killing 17 named mobs.

So for me, at least, the vast majority of AA experience has come from quests.  Since I tend to gravitate towards quests anyway, this has been a boon for me.  I do wonder though, how people who were already level 60 when KoS came out managed to get their AA points.  Mine have shown up mostly as part of my play style while levelling up.  Are there enough quests and such for level 60-70 players to get the total of 100 AA points possible?