On Sunday Blintz was a level 44 armorer, a level 44 swashbuckler, and had 44 Alternate Advancement points.  In a flurry of Nightblood slaying in Rivervale with Gaff later in the day he progressed to 45, but for a little while there was a symmetry of levels.

And how did I get 44 AA points?

Out of 310 quests done, 198 of them counted towards AA, which probably makes up the bulk of Blintz’s total AA experience.  At first I was a bit mystified that only 64% of the quests counted.  But if you exclude all of the quests done before level 10, when you first become eligible for AA experience, quest that I completed even after they were grey (no AA for those), and certain quests that are not eligible for AA experience such as city tasks (31 writs completed), the number seems to work out about right.

Discovery has been another good source of AA exp.  Actually, they are called “Exploration Events” in the AA vernacular.  Often, when I get close to getting another AA point, I will run off to a new zone just to get a bit of discovery experience to push me over the edge.  Anyway, 195 of those events have contributed towards my AAs.

Collection quests have been good for another chunk.  I have not gone out of my way for collection quests on Blintz. I have some other characters for whom I bought levels by picking up collection items from the broker.  Since the adventure experience seems to have been tuned somewhat between KoS, when I took a break, and EoF, when I came back, I have not pursued collections as avidly.  All 36 collections that I have completed have counted for AA experience.

Then there are those lootable items that give AA.  I have hit those 22 time so far.

And finally, there is AA for killing named mobs.  I received AA experience for killing 17 named mobs.

So for me, at least, the vast majority of AA experience has come from quests.  Since I tend to gravitate towards quests anyway, this has been a boon for me.  I do wonder though, how people who were already level 60 when KoS came out managed to get their AA points.  Mine have shown up mostly as part of my play style while levelling up.  Are there enough quests and such for level 60-70 players to get the total of 100 AA points possible?

13 thoughts on “44/44/44

  1. Kilanna

    Congratulations! That is cool.

    The last week or so I have been concentrating on doing green quests in my quest journal for the very reason of getting aa and it has been quite fruitful. Only one more aa point and my templar will gain the title of Exorcist:)

    Just completing the series of 7 beetle herding quests in Sinking Sands gave me enough aa for almost 2 points. Even though the quests are green each quest gives between 20 and 25% toward next aa point.

    I have wondered if grey quests give aa and I have also wondered if collection quests give aa xp after you are a certain number of levels above it. My strategy was to mentor down and hand the collections in. I know the xp will be MUCH reduced but better some than none I suppose.

    Do you know what looted items contribute towards that portion of aa? I am guessing that legendary loot will count such as spell masters and legendary armour/weapons. In that case the raiders would be ok to get their 100 aa.

    I am also supposing the flurry of nightblood killing means you are working the HQ’s that require 100 kills. Happy hunting.


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    That has been the beauty of it for me. Since quests give AA exp and I run quests like mad, I have not had to change any of my behavior in order to benefit.

    As for items looted that give AA, I have only seen that the status items that drop give you a bump the first time you loot them. I have heard that other items do as well, but I have not seen that.


  3. Fijster

    Once you get to level 70, all exp gained is converted over to your AA experience so you can max it out, but doing quests, namers, and collections is much much faster.

    The items that give you AA are the looted treasure items that drop and usually sell very well to a vendor. Best of both worlds!


  4. Stargrace

    Collection quests will always give aa no matter their level. I turn in level 5 and get aa (at level 70) same as my other characters would, no mentoring needed.

    The actual amount you recieve per turn in depends on a few factors. 1. The quest, and 2. how many aa you already have. My templar with 48 aa recieves more per kills and quests then the illusionist who has 92 aa when they’re both working on the exact same thing.

    I’ve been mentoring down to turn those grey quests green on completion. The Deity quests for example give 20% aa no matter what level for all 6 in the chain (so long as you mentor down for the turn ins) which is really nice. Especially if you’re playing around with each of the deity.

    The looted treasure is not just those “artifacts” that drop and say “looted arcane artifact” but also are the first time loots of guild status items. They will also give aa for a first time loot no matter your level – DoF has a huge amount of these things, so if you’re level 70 you can just go up to a group (of say.. monks.. who hang out about 20 to a group) aoe the entire bunch, and easily find 3-5 things that will give you aa on a first time loot. Ta da, a free aa point almost right away.


  5. Ilya

    Well I just hit level 10 and am finally eligible for those AA’s now. But what I wanted to say more over is that I’ve played Eve, WoW, and now this EQ2 trial, and each time I walk away with a totally different impression than you have. I think its because I don’t have any (long-time) friends to play with. Hell, I’m not even sure if there’s a friends list even in EQ2. Reading over your WoW instance entries, I realized that I could never bother recalling how a single instance run ever went, even if it JUST happened. Why? Because it all feels mundane and repetitive. I guess its a single player game without a person to talk to. Anyways, congrats on the 44/44/44!


  6. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I see your point on the instance runs. When it comes down to it, failure, spectacular failures especially, or dramatic, near run successes are much more fun to write about than competently planned and run successes. I should put something up about our runs into ZF so far, but they were somewhat exploratory. Still, we did die a bit, so I should write about it.

    I’d be interested to hear what your impression of EVE was. It is one game where even when I did have friends playing, I still felt alone. As much as I wanted to love the game, I was still bored in the end because I could not commit the time and effort required to make the game exciting.

    EQ2’s hold on me is difficult to explain. Some mix of EQ nostalgia plus friends and good memories, game play that suits my style, and a huge amount of time already invested in the game probably explains it.


  7. Ilya

    EVE seems slow, especially since regardless the amount of time I invest, I am held back by skills. In other games I can grind and listen to music if I need to burn time before a raid or auction, but EVE is more stair climber than treadmill really.

    I just started EQ2 so I’m still not really sure. I took your path and went Fae Swashbuckler. It plays just like my old rogue in WoW, only I haven’t run into one of those mobs who cans see through sneak yet. The game itself is pretty self explanatory, without much need for a tutorial.


  8. Gaff

    In response to Ilya, I have bounced between WoW and EQ2 a bit myself–2x in the last 3 months. What brought me back the last time was a nagging feeling that I had made better friends in EQ2–secondary to that was my belief that currently, it was a better game. It was not a better game at launch, when I first started playing. WoW is great for solo play–but I wouldn’t have made it a month there if I did not have a few EQ2 buddies switch over with me. What server are you on in EQ2?


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  10. Ilya

    I’m so original that I went Crushbone. I spent last night with a friend from school mining Rich Plag. in EVE. To say the least it was as enthralling as watching pain dry, the high point was listening to eve radio and waiting for the battlecruiser drawing.


  11. Kesselia

    As far as AA goes…I have a lvl 70 necro with 100 AA…you get AA on raids for 1. discovery exploration..there is a lot to be had in some of the raid instances…places like Lyceum you get exploration for each new room you walk into. There is more discovery AA for some of the group places in KOS like Palace of the Awakened, Sanctum of the Scaleborn. You also get AA for named kills on raids. I can attest that Lord Vyemm gives almost a full AA point upon killing him. There are plenty of quests to do in KOS and EOF so that anybody who was lvl 60 when KOS came out should have no problems getting to 100 AA if they are a raider and have enough friends to group with during the day to complete solo and group quests.
    Btw…the Claymore series gives a ton of AA as you progress through all the quests. There are more Heritage quests to do at high level as well. Trust me you will keep busy as a high lvl player with enough solo quests to finish in KOS and EOF for high players plus all the journal cleaning from lower levels where you can mentor upon turn in. oh one more note..the quests in Lesser Faydark for lvl 50-60 pay REALLY well…if you have a lvl 60 friend helping you…you can complete the whole series and get upwards of 2 to 3 plat if you don’t die too much. =) hope this helps


  12. Chopp Youp (guild:Cannon Fodder) Nagafen

    I am on the pvp server Nagafen and to have 44 AA’s at lvl 44 isn’t uncommen with the major pvpers. My core guild pvp group for are lvl 17’s each have 28 AA’s and for are 38 pvp locked characters we have 56 AA’s. We have over 250 quests completed and over 100 named killed dont forget when you are turning in Grey quests just mentor down to someone that level and it will give you AA credit.


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