Daily Archives: March 23, 2007

Departure From Zek

The time has come for me to leave Zek, the Orcish Wastes.

The orcs have almost all gone green or gray to me.

I have run through the long quest chain that starts with Mess Sergeant Akseltz on the docks and ends with a fight on The Greenmist, a boat that is, well, the same boat you always see in EverQuest II.  They need a new boat. 

Here I am critiquing Akseltz’s cooking one last time.  I flew away quickly before I ended up in the pot.


I have hit a bunch of the side quests and those that remain in my quest journal have gone grey.

So, after a total of 46 quests done in Zek, I must bid it farewell as a focus of my adventuring.  It is a great place to adventure as a fae.  The landscape is ripe with places that let you jump and glide.  Sometimes I hit a stride just right and it is like I am walking on the moon in huge low gravity leaps.

So tonight I went in, turned in one more quest, and took one last look outside the fort.


I will return no doubt.  I still have the heritage quests “Training is a Shield” and “Rescue of the Greenhoods” to take care of.  And with some friends back and playing actively, a group to finish those two is not out of the question.

And now I have to decide where to adventure next.  I still have quests to finish in Steamfont.  But where else should I head?  Do I delve into Feerrott or should I head into the Desert of Flames?