The End of Butcherblock Canyon

I hate when I miss an opportunity.

Last night, as I was running from Greater Faydark to Butcherblock, I headed up the canyon that leads to the zone line.

I ran right to the point where you should start zoning.

And kept on going.

I ran past the zone line, around another bend, and all the way to a dead end.

Somehow I slipped right past the trigger that should have sent me into Butcherblock.

And the missed opportunity?  I didn’t take a damn screen shot of it.

Here I was, in a location that maybe 1% of the EQ2 population might ever end up, and I did not record the event.

But I was in a hurry, I was running out to meet up with Gaff to work on a heritage quest.  So I ran back down the canyon and at about the right point, I zoned into Butcherblock.

Not that there was anything spectacular at the end of the canyon.  It is just a dead end.  But now you know what is past the zone line.  I just don’t have a picture to prove it.

4 thoughts on “The End of Butcherblock Canyon

  1. skywindows

    When EOF came out, I found what lie beyond the zone a few times….There seemed to be a lot of problem finding the zones. Never took a screenshot of it either…


  2. Kesselia

    Sorry yah I had this problem as well one day when I zoned from Greater Faydark into Steamfont and from Butcherblock to Greater Faydark. Happens frequently in some cases where a lot of people are all trying to zone at once and the server lags. Lag FTW. hehe


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