Daily Archives: March 26, 2007

Questing in Tanaris and the Hinterlands

I have not been writing much about our adventures in World of Warcraft of late. With the defeat of Archaedas and our departure from Uldaman, we have been building up for Zul’Farrak.

Unfortunately, we got through Uldaman with our highest level group member at 44, and Zul’Farrak looks to be more in line with a group closer to the level 50 range.

So we have been slowly working on experience. We have been doing some of the quest lines that lead into ZF. At this we have been mostly successful, though one quest in the Hinterlands requires a pretty serious fight with some level 50 elites which ended up with us getting plastered all over the terrain on our first few attempts. We marked that one “for later.”

We have actually been into ZF a couple of times to knock off a couple of the lesser quests, such as the one for scarab shells, and to scout.


Even though we did okay, we were still fighting a bit out of our weight so that anything unplanned generally lead to some deaths on our part, like this:


So our group activity for last weekend was an outing in Tanaris to collect pirate hats and other odd items that the NPCs of Azeroth love to horde. We are moving up slowly. We are all level 46 now and climbing. We probably have another week of side quests and lead-ins before we are ready to run into ZF again.

If nothing else, I have been learning some new quest lines in Tanaris and the Hinterlands. If I have some spare time I can run my hunter through them as well, as he isn’t too far behind in levels at this point.

So that is where we stand.