A Busy Experience Week

Yesterday I posted a comparison of three characters of mine that were all level 47.  Blintz, my newest character, hit level 47 last Thursday.  He has not been idle since then. 


level48.png  level48big.png




level50.png level50big.jpg

So, after nearly two and a half years since EverQuest II came out, I finally have a character at the original level cap. 

An update to his stats from the last post to show where he stands at level 50:

Blintz Plinsen – Swashbuckler

Rolled: November 18, 2006
Hit 50: March 27, 2007 in Sinking Sands
NPCs killed: 4,445
Quests completed: 411
Total Deaths: 80
Adventure Play Time: 7d 23h 55m

10 thoughts on “A Busy Experience Week

  1. Kesselia

    Gratz on level 50!!!

    Best places to get rich from quests at 50….Sinking Sands, Pillars of Flame, Clefts of Rujark and Lesser Faydark *make sure you enter Lesser Faydark from the Greater Faydark entrance or you may meet a nasty end when you meet the level 60 creatures waiting for you after you pass by the stablemaster*

    In Lesser Faydark….make sure you talk to the stablemaster and accept his quest…it gives you access to the mount for that particular station…there are 5 stablemasters throughout the zone…Greater Faydark, Lower Station, Upper Station, Loping Plains, and Butcherblock. The mounts that take you through the zone from station to station I believe are around 75 percent run speed or so…nice and fast way to get around..saves time for the quests that send you from one end of the zone to other when you already know your way around. Lots of wandering aggro in this zone. There are nodes enough if you look for harvesting purposes and the quests pay well when you work through the fifties tier…I made almost 3p off the quests in here…make sure you try and find a lvl 60 friend to help you.

    Again gratz!


  2. Kesselia

    Ah not to worry cuppy it’s easier than you think. I have a lvl 50 wizzie, 53 fury, 70 necro and 59 warden that I share with a friend. =)
    If I can do it and Blintz can do it…anyone can do it =) Just takes patience, time and a wee bit of effort. Don’t forget…EQ2i and Allakhazam are your friends LOL.


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Now, who can name the zones and location therein where I levelled?

    50 is easy ( I actually placed myself for the screenshot so I would have landmarks in the background), but 48 and 49 you have to know the mob/landscape combo to select the right general area.


  4. Kilanna

    Big grats on 50:)

    I am going to guess the top shot is in Steamfont – over towards Klak’Anon but no idea on the mob for the second one.

    Bottom one is easier with the tip of the SS docks slightly visible.


  5. Laniala

    From what I can see my guess would be

    48 = Steamfont Mountains, southeast end — You can see the part of a drake, and the southeast part is where all the drakes are.

    49 = Sinking Sands, one of the two pirate isles to the southeast on the map — Only place where you have that kind of rock cliffs and also grass undergrowth and that kind of (equipped) mobs. My guess is the little circular one (Pirate’s Perch/Onerock Isle/cant’-remember-the-name-something) as the other one to the far south has less grass, more trees, more bumps in the cliff wall where there is grass, and higher level mobs.

    50 = Sinking Sands docks :)


  6. Kesselia

    Looks Laniala beat me to the punch =P hehe…
    Yah I’d say the same…lvl 48 Steamfont Mountains over near Klak Anon, lvl 49 one of the islands in Sinking Sands where the pirates are and lvl 50 right near Sinking Sands dock.


  7. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    48 – Steamfont near the smokehorn Minotaurs. That is an ebon drake perched on one hill with the big skeleton called The Nameless Cage.

    49 – Sinking Sands on the island called Pirate’s Perch. Laniala is right on the whole cliff/grass combo. That’s why we call him Lanipedia. Since the other area with these mobs and grass/cliff is all heroic mobs and I am Mr. Solo, it has to be Pirate’s Perch.

    50 – Sinking Sands again… but you can see the dock in the distance, so I’m not sure “near the docks” counts. I’m on the beach way past the spectres, in an area called Buccaneer Beach. (So I guess the water out there must be Tampa Bay.) Still, that snake dock is big, making perspective hard, so full points.

    (I put up bigger versions of 48 and 50, see the new thumbnails in the post. 49 does not get any clearer with size.)


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