Daily Archives: March 29, 2007

AA Pirate Blintz

I finally finished up the Alternate Advancement tree that gave me, among other things, the title Pirate.

It only took me 52 AA points to get it!

Why it took that many AA points is a tale that certainly says more about me than about the EQ2 Alternate Advancement process.

Way back when Blintz earned his very first AA point I went to spend it and found that there were two trees, the swashbuckler tree and the rogue tree. (Why is it the “rogue” tree? Isn’t the general class called “scouts?”) 

For your first point, the swashbuckler tree has a number of options, some that would improve combat skills with which I was already familiar.  The rogue tree, however, has only one choice: pick pocket.

“Pick pocket? Screw that useless skill!” was what flashed in my mind and I looked at the rogue tree no more.  I did not bother to check what was available after that, pick pocket being one of those skills I have found to be less than useful in most games.

So I spent that first point, and the next 26 after it, in the swashbuckler tree.  Then, in a comment on a post about upgrading my equipment to Feysteel, Van Hemlock mentioned the skill “Walk the Plank,” which is in the rogue tree. (Thanks for that tip, btw!  That skill is very useful to a back-stabby swashie!) 

I went back and looked at the rogue tree again, found the skill and the ones that lead up to it and thought that perhaps I was a bit hasty dismissing the whole rogue tree based on that first skill.

“No problem” I thought, “I’ll just respec my AA points and put all 27 in the rogue tree!”

That would have given me “Walk The Plank,” the title “Pirate,” and a couple other nice skills.

Why would I imagine that I could respec and move my AA points from one tree to another?  Because that is the way it works in World of Warcraft!  In WoW, spending the analogous points in a particular tree does not lock those points into the given tree.  If you respec there, your points all go into a pool to be spent freely.

Okay, so this is EQ2, not WoW, and as it often goes for me in games, I have to learn things the hard way.

I used up my free respec for the swashbuckler tree, tabbed over to the rogue tree, and found I had no points to spend there.  They were all allocatable only in the swashbuckler tree.

So I was NOT going to get “Walk the Plank” and my pirate title just like that.  I was still 25 AA points away.

So I spent no further points in the swashbuckler tree.  I concentrated, calculated, and spent only on the rogue tree.

Finally, on Sunday night, I hit my 52nd AA point and was able to finish up the tree and get the title.  Here I am, Pirate Blintz, out in the Sinking Sands, celebrating.


Only 48 more AA points to go until I max out.  Now which rogue line should I look into next?