Daily Archives: April 1, 2007

EverQuest II Gets A Big Head

Or many big heads.  The April Fools Day surprise in EQ2 was all humanoids getting what I will call the “bobble head doll” effect.

I noticed it when I logged on with Vikund this morning to check sales on the broker.  The whole “big head” look seems to suit him.  He has something of a “Thunderbirds Are GO!” air to him. (Check out George Washington in the background.)


The effect on Selirus, my wood elf ranger, was to make him look very stiff and wooden.  So now you know what Al Gore would look like as a wood elf.


And Nomu, my templar, definitely gets an evil Kenneth Branagh feel to him.  Of course, he has the shiny brass shield equipped, so he gives off that eerie glow where ever he goes.


So if you want to see your characters with great big heads, log in today, because it will probably be gone tomorrow.

Welcome To The Ancient Gaming Noob

The Marketing Department of The Ancient Gaming Noob welcomes your interest in our site.  As a leading outlet for thought on the world of massively multiplayer online gaming for over six months, we encourage others to interact with and refer to our site.

To help with this, we have created this document to help with others with their interactions with the site.

The Site Name

The formal name of the site is “The Ancient Gaming Noob” and should be used as such.  If space is at a premium, the acronym TAGN can be substituted. 

The Author’s Persona

The founder, prime motivator, and source of wisdom that founded this site is Wilhelm2451.  When referring to him in writing, Wilhelm2451 should be used initially and then Wilhelm or Wil there after.  He may also be referred to as Wilhelm of The Ancient Gaming Noob initially.

The author’s persona is distinct from the site itself.  You should therefore never refer to the author as The Ancient Gaming Noob.  Other possible variations such as The Noob, The Old Grey Noob, The Old Gay Noob, Nooblet, Noobie-boobie, The Noobenheimer, The Big Noobowski, Vladimir Noobokov, Spiny Noobman, and Bullwinkle J. Noob should also be avoided.

The Characters

The characters which Wilhelm plays in various online games are also separate and distinct from the persona of the author.  The author should never be referred to by the name of one of these characters nor should attributes of any of those characters be applied to the author unless they might imply some special sexual prowess, in which case knock yourself out.

Readers of The Ancient Gaming Noob may note that Wilhelm tends to reuse character names across games.  This is due to his love of tradition and should not be attributed to a lack of creativity or the drawing a complete blank when hit with that “name” box on the character creation screen.

Affiliated Sites

There are currently no sites affiliated with The Ancient Gaming Noob.  On many days we feel lucky that some sites admit to knowing the author at all.

Advertising on the Site

Like Consumers Union and other organizations with serious sticks up their collective butts, we proudly declare our editorial independence and that we are beholding to no external financial influences, especially after the cold shoulder those gold selling sites gave us last month.

The Author’s Qualifications

Wilhelm has been involved with online gaming since the time 1200bps modems used to cost as much as nVidia 8800 video cards cost now.  Stew on that for a minute or two.

Wilhelm has no formal training in games, gaming theory, or networking (social or otherwise), but he has played a lot of online games.  As somebody who once got a job with a firm that made hard drives based solely on the thought, “Hey, I have a hard drive in my computer.  How difficult could it be?” he feels he might actually be overqualified to write on the subject.

About The Site

The Ancient Gaming Noob publishes content on a daily basis on a number of themes including:

  • The New User Experience:  Even after over 20 years of online gaming, Wilhelm has a special ability to capture the new user experience in games and spot flaws and ambiguities that should only confuse players who have otherwise never touched an online multiplayer game.  He views this as a strength.
  • Single Character Focus:  Wilhelm serves as an excellent negative example on how to focus on and successfully advance your character to level cap and into end game play in any massively multiplayer online game.
  • New Game Impressions:  It has been said that nobody can truly review an MMO, so why bother.  Instead Wilhelm plays another game for an hour or two and cranks out a post about it under the guise of an “impression.”  Dig it.
  • The Art Of MMOs:  A picture is said to be worth a thousand words, so a cropped screen shot of a fairy with an arrow through his head should be worth at least one blog posting, right?
  • The Work Of Others:  The writing muse doesn’t visit the author every day while real life and a day job often do.  Wilhelm uses days like this to highlight the excellent work of others and appreciates not being called a “sponge” when he does so.
  • Calendar Considerations: Wilhelm holds a fascination with numbers, time, dates, and anniversaries.  His articles are often written to commemorate specific dates that hold special meaning.  This is one of those articles.

Quotes and Interviews

Wilhelm is available for interveiws, television, radio, or podcast apperances as well as children’s birthday parties, gaming conventions, and Bar Mitzvahs.  Wilhelm’s representatives can be reached at 408-I-AM-TAGN (408-426-8246).  Please leave a message.