EverQuest II Gets A Big Head

Or many big heads.  The April Fools Day surprise in EQ2 was all humanoids getting what I will call the “bobble head doll” effect.

I noticed it when I logged on with Vikund this morning to check sales on the broker.  The whole “big head” look seems to suit him.  He has something of a “Thunderbirds Are GO!” air to him. (Check out George Washington in the background.)


The effect on Selirus, my wood elf ranger, was to make him look very stiff and wooden.  So now you know what Al Gore would look like as a wood elf.


And Nomu, my templar, definitely gets an evil Kenneth Branagh feel to him.  Of course, he has the shiny brass shield equipped, so he gives off that eerie glow where ever he goes.


So if you want to see your characters with great big heads, log in today, because it will probably be gone tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “EverQuest II Gets A Big Head

  1. Kesselia

    Ah you discovered cutemode LOL.
    Sorry to disappoint you but that affect has been in the game for a bit now. All you have to do at any time is type /cutemode. Have fun =) and April Fools!!!!


  2. Kesselia

    There used to be a nightblood mask that was winnable through games in game around halloween…some ppl still have them…and it shows the same bobblehead appearance.


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Oh yeah, I have the goblin head and the skeleton head stored away somewhere. Those and that “scare crow” from 2005 that still makes me jump when it pops up as I enter my inn room.


  4. Alex

    LOL, I unfortunately heard some upset people that logged on that did not know what it was. “This is a rediculous change, I’m heading to WoW!” lol fortunately, and I hope most caught onto the fact that it was just a joke in /cutemode.




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