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An Evening With Emperor Fyst

Gaff, Lurk, and I went to visit Emperor Fyst in Deathfist Citidel the other night.

This was my second big trip into DFC.  My last trip was a couple years back when I went in with the Knights of the Cataclysm to finish off “Training is a Shield.”  As noted a few posts back, Nomu still carries the shiny brass shield with him.

With Game Update 33 there were a number of changes to DFC.  The first was that the orc models in DFC are now similar to those in Zek, which is supposed to reduce the amount of lag in the instance.  You can see here that, like many of the orcs, this Bloodguard has adopted the more casual, suede high tops look.  Still, his suave style cannot save him from the wrath of the mythical trio! (The faerie, the magical frog, and the talking rat.)

Your High Tops Won’t Save You!

And indeed, he was soon smote.

Weapon Proc for the Finish!

In tune with the more casual look, there is a more casual feel in the zone.  Specifically, all those damn orcs that were constantly running hither and yon appear to have been told to stand at ease and rush about no more.  Everybody is moving around at a slow to moderate pace in the new and improved DFC.

Of course, it is not all happiness and light for visitors to DFC.  We came in the front door and the alarm was sounded.  We had to fight a couple of patrols plus a named who came to defend the gate.  All in all, not beyond our capabilities.

Until you start to consider the archers.

I was level 50 when we went into the zone, while Gaff and Lurk mentored down to 50.  This made all NPCs level 40 and above green to us (which meant all of the named mobs in DFC, which meant AA credit for killing them) but most of the other mobs were grey.  A few patrolling and guard mobs were 40, but the rest of the zone was greyed out to us, so not aggro.

And the archers were grey as well.

But that did not stop them from shooting at us.  They must have the same algorithm that the bugbear archers at the contested bridge in Butcherblock use, which basically amounts to, “If it moves, shoot it.  If it stops moving, shoot it again.”

At the front door, while Gaff was grabbing the adds and holding them, Lurk at his side, I circled around behind so as to use my best attacks.  This put me out in the courtyard and in sight of at least two of the archers.  You can see their handiwork implanted in Blintz’s tiny torso. (A picture from the other side is in Gaff’s post on the evening’s adventure.)

Fae Pincushion!

These arrows were not comically oversized, but they hurt.  A lot.  After taking some screen shots, I noticed I had less than two bubbles of health left. I quickly moved back into the doorway and under cover.

Now, on the good/realistic side, the orc archers in the towers obey all of the line of sight rules, so you can find safe spots in the courtyard.  Still, for a group that was lower level and facing a fully aggro courtyard, going could be a bit rough.  You might find yourself exposed to fire from above at a critical point and not find cover in time.

We finally cleared the mobs in the courtyard.  Then we went up to the wall via one of the towers to take out those pesky archers.

In addition to obeying line of sight, the archers also seem to adhere to the minimum range for bows.  Most of the time.  I had one pop an arrow in my chest from about 10 inches range.  Still, you can see how this archer just stands around while we slaughter his infantry support.  This archer, and his brethren, went down soon there after.

A Fine View… OF DEATH!

Another change, noted by Rotacidare on the EQ2-Daily podcast, is location experience.  There is now a ton of it in DFC.  You want to poke your nose into every room you see, as the vast majority will reward you with a discovery event.  I made a level and a half of AA experience on that alone.  That includes all the doors in the courtyard.  DFC is now a discovery rich environment.

Into the citadel we went, following the old route from the wall, over the bridge, and to Fyst’s roof-top throne pavilion.  Fyst no longer does his disappearing act it seems, so we wiped our feet on his throne, pee’d in his ice bucket, and pointed out the bad aiming plan for the Arm of Innoruk.

Fyst’s Throne Desecrated

Gaff wanted to know why the arm appears to be pointed away from citadel avenues of approach.  No doubt there is corruption in the Deathfist Department of Defense. (Caption for the orc nearest Blintz, “Do these pants make me look fat?”)

The Mis-Aimed Arm of Innoruk

We went down into the citadel and ran all over, collecting discover experience, killing named mobs (for no AA most of the time… hrmph), and generally doing what good adventurers do… messing up the homes of others.

There were four other events worth mentioning.

The Prophet of Zek

This guy was bad.  He seems to have an unlimited supply of power and just keeps healing himself.  This was a long fight and ended up with us dead.  We revived down in the sewers, which let us hit a couple more location updates on our way back up.

Alchemist Yallessul

If the priest was bad, this guy was bugged.  We would fight him for a bit, then he would suddenly go non-aggro and reset, as though the fight had ended.  Then, fresh for battle again, he would go aggro and we would start over.  We managed to leave the room during one of his reset cycles and went in search of easier prey.

Arena Champion Kraz’k

Now this was one hell of a fun fight, and a near run thing at several points for the three of us.  We went into the arena, got the discovery update, then rang the gong.  Fyst came out and lectured us, then sent his champion in to take care of us.

Fyst Speaks!

Kraz’k is mean.  He has a special attack that hurls you across the arena.  In the screen shots you will see all sorts of spikes around the arena.  If you hit a wall, you take damage.  The wall damage alone almost did me in at a couple of points.  Being the dps guy back stabbing him seemed to earn me a special place in the list of things to throw around the arena.  Either that or the wings.  Plus I think fae glide betrayed me, since I seemed to always sail across the room and hit those spikes.

In the end though, we won, though you can see here we were taking hits:

Massive Wall Spike Damage

I suppose if we had the quest “Training is a Shield” ready to go, we would have gotten to fight Fyst after Kraz’k, but since we didn’t, nothing happened after the champion went down.  We went back to exploring.

Prince Valtoris

Our last fight of the night.  The problem with Prince V is that when you attack him, other mobs in the room that are not part of his encounter (they do not show as selected when you click on Valtoris) jump in and assist.  The plan for next time is to clear the room he is in first, then go after him.  So he and his grey, triple up, heroic helpers did us in.  It wasn’t a short fight, but we knew it was going to go badly after not too long.  And, the kicker is, you cannot evac out of it.  I tried.  You get a message that says, “Running away? Fight like a real hero!”

Anyway, here is the Big V working us over:

Final Big Orc Smackdown

After he sent us all to our makers, we called it a night.  That was our evening with Emperor Fyst and friends.