Daily Archives: April 7, 2007

Fry’s Sells Me A Copy Of Vanguard

Friday, the day before our move, I went over to Fry’s to pick up some wall plate hardware for network drops in a couple of rooms in the new (but older than me) house.

Yeah, yeah, wireless is fine for some applications, but I have had a wired network at home for 20 years now, since the days of 230Kbps AppleTalk/LocalTalk.  My daughter’s iMac can make due with 802.11g, but ever since I was sold a bill of goods by Sprint and their wireless broadband product back in 2000, I have been pretty conservative on connectivity for my gaming machines. (The house which we are selling still has a 30′ mast antenna on the roof pointed at the now gone Sprint Broadband transmitter/receiver in Milpitas, a towering monument to my forgetting that latency and speed are two different things.)

While I was there I, of course, had to walk the PC games aisle.  Fry’s is one place where, as a PC gamer, you do not feel that consols are squeezing you out of your shelf space.

Among other things, I was interested to see if the Burning Crusade Collector’s Edition was still on sale for $49.99 (sale ended) and how the supply of Lord of the Rings Online pre-order boxes was looking (the shelf was nearly bare though some had moved to an end cap).

And there, in the middle of things, was a section of shelf rather embarrassingly over-stocked with copies of Vanguard: Saga of Heroes.  Below them was a sale sign: $29.99.

I said I would pick up a copy if and when it dropped below $35, so today was the day.

In addition to the sale price, the standard retail price for the game, at least at Fry’s, has been changed to $39.99.  All the boxes have been remarked with the lower price and the shelf talker has been updated.

So I will have a chance to give the shipping version of Vanguard a try, at least after I sort out a few things.  I have to finish moving.  My x1950 Pro card has to come back from it’s visit to the land of RMA’d technology.  And, finally, I have to let my Station Access lapse.  I have less than 30 days left on it, so I do not want to activate Vanguard on my account, lose my 30 day trial, and then only be able to play it until the end of April.

So look for some Vanguard posts in May.