Daily Archives: April 9, 2007

EQ2MAP & Friends

EQ2Map is an interface addition for EverQuest II that is simply a must have.  If you are not already using it (and you probably are) then go here on the EQ2 Interface site and get it.  It provides maps that SOE does not include and places “points of interest” (quest and mob locations) on the maps.  Do not go into Nektulos Castle or Deathfist Citidel without it!

I suspect that most people have already grabbed EQ2MAP at this point, so I have a bit more.

My new favorite addition to this is Milquetowst Map Graphics for EQ2MAP.  This adds in a better directional arrow, different group member icons, and, most importantly, reduced size point of interest icons.  On some maps the points of interest can start to overwhelm the map somewhat, so the smaller icons are a very nice update.  You can grab this package on the EQ2 Interface site here.

Finally, as I ran the EQ2MAP updater (Did I mention it has an updater application to keep your maps and points of interest up to date? That is so cool!) the other day, I noticed something in the EQ2MAPS news.  The Crypt of Valdoon was created by one of the people in my guild!  Both of my guilds, actually.  Lenefir is a name I know from back in the days when we played Toril MUD.


Thanks Lene!