Daily Archives: April 12, 2007

No Sash, But A Dirk!

I have not been working on heritage quests very much of late.  This hasn’t been planned, I just keep finding other things to do.  So last night I decided to get on and at least advance a couple of the HQs in my quest log.

I figured I would pick up “The Teachings of Yoru” because

1) The Flowing Black Silk Sash would be a nice item for Blintz
2) The Sunfish Casserole I made for Yoru was beginning to smell

I made my way to Antonica and handed over the casserole, then started the timed tavern run stage.  While I was doing that, Rinellie, a guild mate and level 43 troubadour who happened to be on the next stage of the quest, headed to Yoru to meet up.

When I made it back to Yoru she was waiting for me and we started the meditate portion that ends up with highwaymen showing up and attacking.  They were a level 41 heroic group, which is just on the hairy edge of what Blintz can handle solo.  But with Rinellie there, it was no problem.  You can see us here taking down the two highwaymen and one highwaywoman.


That aside, we updated and headed to Feerrott to meet up with Cythan.  This step, a timed series of fights against solo mobs, turned out to be pretty easy for us.  Being all DPS helps I suppose.  I remember doing this with my templar and a guardian tank and running out of time, demonstrating the importance of bringing some damage along.

We were so bucked up by this that we ran off to try one of the spirit fights over by Temple of Cazic-Thule II.

The spirit took us down muy pronto.  The fight went so fast that I was dead at about the point where I was thinking, “Evac is probably a good idea.”  DPS does not solve all issues.  We need a tank for this one.

Having reached a stopping point on one quest, but still having some time available, Rinellie suggested at least starting “The Reaching Blade of the Assassin,” which we both already had.  So we started down the path to the Serrated Bone Dirk.

Off to Freeport!

I was a little wary of heading into Freeport.  I had not been in the city since the guards started killing trespassers, rather than politely showing them to the front gate.  And when you see guards like this standing around just waiting to kill you with one hit, you know you have to be careful.


We made it to the first quest mob, Kreglebop Yekl in West Freeport, despite having to make a detour around a group that seemed to be there for the sole purpose of getting chopped to chutney by the guards.  However you want to pass your time I suppose, just don’t drag the guards over by me please!

While we were there, I picked up the start for the HQ “The Stein of Moggok” and then we headed to Qeynos.

The Qeynos update, Lodo Bightn who is behind the curtain in Irontoes East in North Freeport, was easy enough.  He sent us off to The Crypt of Betrayal where, thanks to EQ2Map, we were able to find and slay some hired assassins for our quest update.  The fight was not too bad.

From there we went to Windstalker Village for the next update, then off to the docks in the Thundering Steppes.

At the docks is where the fights started getting interesting.  We fought Verishu and a couple of minions there.  While we won, the fight could have gone bad if we had made any mistakes.

That fight gave us the update to head to Rivervale and the next fight.

We stealthed our way into the location for Ethruia Aidora, a building in the eastern part of Rivervale.  We cleared the groups around the building (and one inside) just in case.  Then I went inside to draw Ethruia out to play.

However, when I blundered into them, I got slowed and then managed to get stuck on some of the furniture in the building.  I got out of the building and got Rinellie into the fight at just about the right point to evac, which I did.  I think we both did.  Either way, we had to stealth and run back.

More careful this time around, I brought Ethruia and her pals out of the building and the fight began.  I summoned my Servant of Ro to give us a little extra offense, but we should have lost this fight all the same.  Only the overnuking of the servant (which got him killed) and a lot of fortuitous healing procs from my imbued ebon ringmail tunic kept me going.  I was deep into orange when Ethruia went down, had less than half a bubble before we finished the first minion, and had a pixel of health remaining when we finally won.  A very near run thing.

And we still had one fight to go.  We had to go back to the Enchanted Lands, find Leelav Yekl on the beach, and talk to him to spawn the last fight.  When you talk to Leelav he becomes a pet, so you get some help in the fight, and then Lodo Bightn spawns and you have to defeat him and his two minions.

This fight was too much for us.  We did managed to take down Lodo, but then I died quickly, followed by Rinellie.

We revived by the dock where I noticed Leelav running over, still my pet.  He stopped and went back to being an NPC in a moment, running back to his spot on the beach, but it was an indication that the we might not be done yet.

We rebuffed, let ress sickness fade, then headed back.  Lodo’s two minions were still there.  We killed them and saw the turn-in-quest marker light above Leelav’s head.  We did it! 

Okay, we fudged a little, but we were now done.

I mentored Rinellie, since the quest was grey to me at level 51, and spoke to Leelav.


And here is the prize at the end, the Serrated Bone Dirk.


It turns out that, at level 51, the dirk is just a bit better than the ebon weapons I had, so I swapped out my off hand weapon for the dirk.

So we both finished a HQ, which brings our guild just a little bit closer to level 29.  I hear we have a new member of our guild now, so maybe we will get to level 30 some day!