Daily Archives: April 13, 2007

Chainmail Fae – Tier 6

Last night I logged on and managed to do just enough quest work to hit level 52.  Here I am at the magic moment.


We can play “where is Blintz” again.  Laniala and Kesselia are disqualified from answering as they were both online when I levelled.

Level 52 means that I can now shed my ebon chainmail and upgrade to cobalt.  I have been watching the market and I scooped up enough cobalt for my new kit over the last few weeks.

Of course, this should mean a grind with Blintz to get to level 54 armor skill so he can make his own set.

However, with Gaff back playing I thought I might change my trade skill focus.  Gaff already has a T7 armorer.  So I switched over to my weapon smith, who was already in the 50s and who is also the only weapon smith in our little trade skill cartel.  To make a cobalt rapier Minama, my weapon smith, had to get up to level 58, but this turned out to me almost no problem at all.  Since I have not done much trade work with here since LU24, when all recipes were reset, I was able to make a whole string of items and get the “first pristine” bonus.  That made 58 readily available.

So when I hit 52 last night I had all my visible equipment for the next tier ready to go thanks to Gaff.  Here is Blintz decked out in cobalt chainmail.


You will notice that the actual pattern is the same as the tier 2 (iron) and tier 5 (ebon), only in a deep blue.  I did keep my journeyman’s boots for now.  I am addicted to the speed boost.

So for the next 10 levels I will be the blue fae.  At 62 though, I hear I get to go red with the mastercrafted armor!