Daily Archives: April 17, 2007

Finding Maltus Everling

If you had a bit of time to play EverQuest II, say an hour, and you wanted to get on, accomplish something, and log out, I would have to guess that “Find and Kill Maltus Everling” would not be on your list of viable options. 

It certainly wouldn’t be on mine.

Yet somehow I got sucked into just that.

Sunday night after getting my daughter to bed, my wife and I were sitting on the couch.

The original plan was to watch “Casino Royale” on DVD after my daughter went to bed.

However we had been removing the last bits of our crap from our old house (where does it all come from?) and were too tired to get through a 2.5 hour movie.  So we thought we might opt for something shorter.

Then it was a bit more of a chore to get my daughter to bed (“Can I play Wii Baseball one more time? Please?”) and we switched to something of about an hour in length on the Tivo, like an episode of “Law & Order.”

After going through the Tivo and coming up with nothing, my wife announced that she was headed to bed.  I said I would be there shortly, I just wanted to check the computer for a bit.

Famous last words, I know.

I logged in with Blintz and found myself in the Thundering Steppes.  I decided to just run out and get the quest update for Hadden’s Earring.

I swam out past the siren’s temple, spotted the ship wreck, swam through it, got the update, and swam away, pretty much ignoring the octopus that spawns and attacks.  The luxury of being level 52.

That did not take long, so I headed to Nektulos Forest.  Having finished “A Calling in the Forest” I figured I would just position myself outside Nektropos Castle.

Of course that trip was easy and quick.  So I thought I might just peek into the Castle.  It had been a while since I had been through Nektropos Castle, so some scouting seemed in order.

Once there, I wandered around a bit until I found myself in the chapel.  Well, I thought, I will just kill the mobs in here and see if Alexa spawns.  That used to be an hour plus event, so I figured I would run out my time doing that and then head to bed.

Of course, Alexa spawned the first time.  Did they change that or did I just get lucky?

Of course that sent me off to the game room and then into the secret passage and up into Elise’s room. You have to slay the spirits of Everling’s six daughters to get further along.  Somehow I managed to bumble through that, find all six, and meet up with Alexa again, all rather quickly.

Then I had to get the key to get into Everling’s room which I vaguely recalled killing some mobs in a room close by.  I chose to cheat at this point and brought up the Allakhazam.com page for the quest.  This sped things up dramatically. 

So I killed the caretakers, opened the door, killed the capatin, opened the secret door, went down stairs, found and slew Alexa, slew Ollix, ran through some secret doors, down the corridor, pick up the “Kill the Juggernaut” quest, slew the Juggernaut, and walked into Everling’s lab.

Piece of cake.  And there was the man himself.


The Everling fight was a little more of a challenge than the rest of my trip.  I actually ended up at half health before he went down.  That was due not so much to him or his minions but to the fact that the room generates small floating “electrical” mobs that launch themselves at you in suicide attacks, destroying themselves but doing a decent amount of damage.  Everling himself went down pretty quickly.

I got the quest update for Hadden’s Earring.  I was dead tired.  I had not spent too much time getting this done, so I could get to bed at a decent hour.  I recalled to Kelethin.

Then I remembered something about “The Missing Mask” quest.  That was something I should have grabbed, wasn’t it?  And I forgot to grab the two Lore and Legend quests as well!


It looks like I will be heading down to visit Maltus Everling at least two more times.