Daily Archives: April 18, 2007

Van Hemlock is Leet!

Just because I am a complete nerd, I laughed and then took a screen shot of this:

leet monster hunter!

The hover data over on VirginWorlds this evening showed that Van Hemlock had been clicked on 1337 times.

I suppose this now confirms that Van Hemlock, Virtual Monsterhunter, is officially leet.

I always suspected as much.

I suppose it says something about me as well, since I noticed this.

Of course, in the spirit of beating a dead horse, I also noted that Nerfbat was just 10 shy of leetness:


Mystic Worlds was just 2 shy of being leet:


(and it took will power to not click on that link twice just to get the screen shot)

And, finally, Aggro Me is past leetness:


Missing Masks, Ghosts, and Fairies

Monday night, with the same “time to head to bed” situation as before, I headed to Nektropos Castle again in hopes of picking up the quest “The Missing Mask” as well as the Lore & Legend books for fairies and ghosts.  Well defined goals are the key to success.

I had read somewhere that you no longer had to run through with Alexa and to the locket quest to gain access to the basement of Nektropos Castle every time you go in.  I have now verified that this is true, and once you have done the quest, you can get into the basement without having to molest the ghost of any of Everling’s daughters.

So I ran downstairs and picked up “The Missing Mask” from the chest down in the basement where the nyth dolls hang out. 

On the way back up I ran into the first Billy to spawn  This is the easy one, that spawns automatically when you get the quest.  I killed him to advance the quest, then continued up.

Once back up on the main floor I found the Ghost Lore & Legend book in one of the rooms off of the broken stairway. (Thank you EQ2Map.)

Which left me wanting to get the Fairy Lore & Legend in the library… by Colonel Mustard… with the rope.

How to get into the library?

I couldn’t remember that trick at all.  I had to ask around a bit before somebody told me about the two boar heads on the first floor.  You examine one, which gives you a marble (glass eye?) that you then put in the other one.  This gives you access to the barracks.  Once in the barracks there is a chest on the floor which contains a red marble.  You run back and examine the first boar head which gives you access to the library and spawns a named mob in the corridor behind you.  It is not automatically aggro however, and since it was grey to me, I walked on by.

In the secret room in the back of the library I picked up the Lore & Legend and a couple of other grey quests that I thought might end up being done as part of the mask quest.

With a little bit of time left, I decided to see if I could spawn the other two Billy pops to advance the mask quest, but I had forgotten that the respawn rate in the chapel is something like 40 minutes, so I gave up.

Highlight of the evening was that I not only got the three quests I came in search of, but I managed to complete the Ghost Lore & Legend quest while trying to spawn Billy.

I parked myself outside of Nektropos Castle and called it a night.

x1950 Running Again

Saturday I took a bit of time to put my recently-returned-from-RMA Sapphire x1950 Pro AGP card back in my system.

I pulled out the x800XL card, plugged the x1950 in, attached the two power leads, closed on the system, and powered the system up.

And I got no video.

The monitor was black.

I tried both of the DVI outputs on the back of the x1950, but there was no video to be had.

I started to boil.  I started to write, in my head, the perfect roast of Sapphire, Althon, and ATI.

I unplugged the computer from its harness of cables, opened it up, pulled the x1950 out, check the power leads, seated the card back in the AGP slot, and tried again.

And everything worked fine.

So I appear to be up and running.  My runs through Nektropos Castle were definitely enhanced by the improved video performance. (Runs? Yes, I have been back there. More tales of noobiness to tell.)

While things look good, I am not going to get rid of my x800XL card just yet.  I will hold that in reserve, just in case.